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Caroline Forbes
Biographical information
  • October 10, 1992 (Age 17/19)
  • Undead
  • High School Student (Formerly)
  • College Student (Currently)
  • Human (Originally)
  • Vampire (Niklaus' Bloodline)
Family information
Family Members
  • William Forbes(Paternal Ancestor)
  • Gerald Forbes(Paternal Ancestor)
  • Margaret Forbes † (Paternal Ancestor)
  • Unnamed Paternal Grandfather
  • Unnamed Paternal Grandmother
  • Unnamed Maternal Grandfather
  • Unnamed Maternal Grandmother
  • Bill Forbes(Father)
  • Elizabeth Forbes (Mother)
  • 1st Unnamed Maternal Aunt
  • 2nd Unnamed Maternal Aunt
  • Uncle Bob
  • Aunt Mary
Supernatural information
Significant sires
Significant kills
  • Carter
  • Two Unnamed Cops
  • Aja
  • Eleven Unnamed Witches (through Aja's death)
  • Luke Parker (resurrected)
Cause of death
  • Asphyxia (as a human)
Killed by
  • Katherine Pierce (as a human)
Played by
First seen
Last seen
This article is about Caroline Forbes from the TV Series. You may be looking for Caroline Forbes from the novels.

Your brother's officially on the Other Side. Think you can risk it now?
— Caroline to Liv about Luke in Home

Caroline Forbes is a vampire who is one of the main female characters on The Vampire Diaries. She's the daughter of William Forbes II and Sheriff Elizabeth Forbes.

Prior to her transition into a vampire, she was known for her insecurities, which caused her to be excessively competitive, mainly with Elena.

She is best friends with Stefan Salvatore, Elena Gilbert and Bonnie Bennett. She is also close friends with Matt Donovan and Niklaus Mikaelson.

Throughout the series, Caroline begins dating Elena's ex-boyfriend, Matt Donovan, who encourages her to become more caring, kind and selfless. In the Season One finale, Caroline is severely injured in a car wreck and suffers from internal bleeding.

Because Caroline's situation was looking pretty bleak, Bonnie and Elena agree that Damon Salvatore should heal Caroline by feeding her his blood. Later, after Caroline's health has improved, Caroline is smothered to death in the hospital by Katherine Pierce, who was aware that Damon had healed Caroline, therefore knowingly turned her into a vampire. Katherine plans to use Caroline to her own advantage by manipulating her and eventually giving her to Klaus to kill in the sacrifice. Damon rescues her and Tyler Lockwood, however, and the deal made by Katherine is forfeited.

She had attended Mystic Falls High School, where she was the captain of the cheerleading squad, honor student, head of the dance committees, Mystic Falls beautification committee, head of the recycling program, "Go Green" campaign, Miss Mystic Falls, and one of the most popular girls in the school. She later attends Whitmore College with Elena and Bonnie.

Caroline's new vampire nature adds difficulty to her relationship with Matt and this eventually causes them to break up despite their love for each other. Matt's friend, Tyler, falls for Caroline after she helps him with his first full moon after she witnessed him triggering the werewolf gene when he accidently killed Sarah. After a while, she realizes that she's in love with Tyler too, so they begin a romantic relationship which had ended for good in Monster's Ball. Klaus also falls for her, claiming he fancies her because she's beautiful, strong, full of light, "too smart to be seduced by him", and he enjoys her but in 500 Years of Solitude, Klaus returns to Mystic Falls to see the supposed death of Katherine. While he is in the woods with Caroline, he asks her to be honest about her feelings for him and that as soon as they are done with that conversation, he is going to walk away and never come back. They ended up having sex. Caroline was forced to see her best friend, Stefan die right in front of her. When he comes back to life, she is extremely happy but also sad because his older brother, Damon, who was also her ex-boyfriend, died to save Stefan.

After the three central characters of The Vampire Diaries, Caroline Forbes is the character that has appeared in the most episodes of all others so far.

Caroline is a member of the Forbes Family.

Early Life[]

Caroline was born on October 10, 1992, to Bill Forbes and Elizabeth Forbes in Mystic Falls, Virginia. However, her father left and divorced her mother after revealing that he was gay, and later began a relationship with a man named Steven, whom also had a daughter. During her childhood Caroline befriended Bonnie Bennett and Elena Gilbert, and at some point Elena tried to decide which of her traits were the most annoying, her control freakiness or her delusional positivity. Elena told Stefan that in the second grade Caroline had Elena help her build a Barbie castle.

Throughout The Vampire Diaries Series[]


Caroline and Elena

Caroline first came off as insensitive when she saw Elena Gilbert on the first day of school after Elena's parents had been killed in a car crash. During the back to school party, she found new guy Stefan Salvatore and flirtatiously invited him to go on a walk with her, but was insulted when he rebuffed her advances and showed an interest in Elena. She then told Bonnie Bennett that it was a competition, with Elena.

Caroline and Damon at Founder's party

Caroline also showed attraction to Damon Salvatore who used her for his own amusement, enjoyment and to get into the Lockwoods' to retrieve his crystal. While with Damon, Caroline wore scarves around her neck to cover the bruises and bite marks left from when Damon fed on her, and he compelled her to do so. Caroline went to the annual Founders' Party with Damon as her escort once he compelled her to take him. She was against taking him in case her mother caught her. She followed him into a room were he found an amber crystal that he said belonged to him.

File:Tumblr lmcdb83dxg1qfrdlso1 500.gif

Elena notice the bites

Later, Elena noticed the bruises and bite marks on Caroline for the first time and Caroline tried to brush Elena off. Elena confronted Damon, and afterwards he took Caroline away and started to feed on her, mad she had revealed something to Elena. He instantly became mysteriously weakened until Stefan arrived and revealed that he had spiked Caroline's drink with vervain, knowing that was the only way to stop him. Damon collapsed after drinking her blood. Stefan then took Damon into the basement of the Salvatore boarding house and removed his ring as a precaution. After Caroline regained consciousness, she realized Damon had left the party, but had also left his crystal behind. She took it for herself.

Elena came to Caroline's aid and she broke down crying on Elena's shoulder as the stress of her brush with death finally got to her. While Damon is locked up in the basement, Caroline hosts the Sexy Suds Car Wash as a charity event. During her work, Damon uses his mental connection with her to compel her from a distance into freeing him from his prison. He intended to kill her for blood to strengthen him but he was stopped by Zach Salvatore, who was killed after trying to recapture Damon. Caroline managed to escape from Damon's clutches by running into the sun. He could not follow her because Stefan had taken his ring.

File:Caroline and bonnie 1.png

Caroline, Bonnie, and Elena at a school party

File:Images (4)vf.jpg

Caroline and Damon at party

Before the Halloween party, Caroline gives Bonnie Damon's crystal for her Halloween costume since she was dressing as a witch and wanted to be rid of it. Damon later confronted her about the crystal, but she told him Bonnie had it. He compelled her to host a party at The Grill and told her to get the crystal back. Caroline did as he asked and tried to get it, but the crystal shocked her and Bonnie was offended because she had tried to rip it from her neck. This ruined Caroline and Bonnie's friendship. When he saw that she had failed, Damon told her she was shallow and useless, leaving her upset and heartbroken. She then went to drink out her sorrows. She starts a drunken conversation with Matt Donovan, and he later drives her home and secretly spends the night with her after she asks him not to leave her alone. He sneaks out in the morning, freaked out that he may like her. He later tells her he hated her, but she seems to be growing on him.
File:Tumblr m1xbgrzYJK1qhmv71.jpg

Matt and Caroline

She thought Matt was distancing himself from her, but he pointed out that he has treated her the same since they were children. They bonded and started dating each other, even though she knew Matt was still in love with Elena. Matt's mother, Kelly Donovan, didn't like Elizabeth and made it clear that she was not fond of Caroline either, upon her return. She constantly called Caroline Matt's rebound girl. Matt was meant to be her escort for the "Miss Mystic Falls" competition, but he had to work so she got a replacement escort. She won, and became Miss Mystic Falls. She was thrilled and hugged Elena, who was very happy for her.

Caroline and Matt were being driven home by Tyler Lockwood on Founder's Day, and Caroline was in the front seat. Tyler reacted to the device and the car went out of control, driving into a barrier. After he was deemed alive and fine, Caroline collapsed due to internal injuries. She was rushed to the hospital where the doctors took her into surgery. A tearful Elizabeth told Matt that her chances weren't very good but that the surgeons would do everything they could.

File:Normal 004 xoxox.jpg


In The Return, At the hospital, Sheriff Forbes, Matt, Bonnie and Damon await to hear how Caroline's condition was. It turned out it was grave and Damon suggested that he used his blood to ensure her recovery. Elena was totally against this but Bonnie told him to do it. He does and Caroline got better quickly, almost miraculously to the uninitiated and was happy when Bonnie and Matt happily comforted her.

File:Normal 070.jpg


Later in the night however, Katherine entered her hospital room. Caroline mistook her for Elena, but Katherine corrected her. She asked Caroline to give a message (Game On) to the Salvatore Brothers. She picked up Caroline's pillow and smothered her to death.

File:Normal 063.jpg

In Brave New World, at the hospital early next morning, she awakened in transition. Disoriented, she got out of bed because of the smell of blood. She drank from the bag at first repulsed, but then with relish. As the morning progressed, she noticed that sunlight burned her.

File:Normal 206.jpg

When Matt arrived that morning cheerful over her recovery, she behaves aggressively at the time by the sunlight. Caroline endured more effects of the transformation, and her cries of pain attracted the nurse again. This time using her super-strength and speed she pinned her and used her compulsion ability and nurse was under her power when Caroline apologized to her saying she was sorry and was hungry before feeding from her. Later as she packed to leave the hospital to go to the Mystic Falls High School Carnival. She also told the nurse to forget that she bit her.

File:Caroline Cries When Her Teeth Sprout.png

Caroline's teeth sprout

File:Normal 453.jpg

At the carnival and inside the high school, she found Damon and delivered him Katherine's message, letting him know that she was a vampire by telling him that she was remembering all of the times he made her forget things. She hooked up with her boyfriend at ring toss attraction. Not knowing her strength she broke a few bottles with the ring. She then embraced him but then suddenly detected his throbbing blood-filled vein and had the extremely strong sense to feed. She pushed him away and left leaving him confused. In tears, she came across Carter in a remote part of the carnival grounds, he was bleeding from the nose from the fight with Tyler and his uncle.

File:Normal 542.jpg

She saw the blood and became even more upset, she fought it the best she could but then said, "I'm so sorry!" and gave in to the blood lust and attacked him, draining him of blood. Damon, searching for her, found her sobbing next to the body. She informed him that she killed him, and she asked Damon to help her. Damon said that he would by killing her with the stake he had. She protested that she doesn't want to die, to which Damon said she is already dead. Caroline said she wasn't and begged him to help her.

File:Normal 565.jpg

Damon embraced her but raised the stake to stake her through the heart . Stefan arrived just in time, with Elena by his side. Caroline mistook Elena for Katherine at first but she explained, although Caroline still didn't understand why she looked like her and why Katherine did this to her. As Stefan tried to get Caroline inside, Damon tried to kill her again. This time Elena interposed herself between Caroline and Damon's raised stake, protesting that she was her friend. Damon backed down but told her that everything that Caroline did from then on was on Elena.

File:Bonnie finds out xoxox.jpg

File:Normal 600.jpg

Damon turned to leave, but then Bonnie arrived. She sees Caroline's bloody face and went into denial. She touched Caroline's arm and she then knew the truth. She saw the dead form of Carter who she met as a potential boyfriend earlier. Elena tried to comfort Bonnie, Stefan got Caroline inside and to a restroom and cleaned the blood off Caroline's face. She worried that Bonnie hated her, that she was a monster and worried about Matt's reaction. Stefan told her that her emotions were heightened as a part of the transition. Stefan taught her to breath deep repeatedly and she managed to get her face back to normal. He told her that he was proud of her, and she asked why Katherine turned her. Stefan shook his head and replies, "I don't know. I wish I did." He promised that he won't let anything happen to her and embraced her.

File:Normal 698.jpg

File:Normal 032.jpg

In Bad Moon Rising, after a few days trapped in her house during the daylight hours, Stefan and Bonnie came to her house with a ring similar to the ones the Salvatore Brothers wear so she could go out by day. However Bonnie told her that the conditions of her having that ring, including the ability to remove the spell on it allowing her to walk in the day if she hurt anyone. Caroline protested that she wouldn't and Bonnie told her that the urge to kill is in her " want to be friends you'll have to prove that the Caroline I remember isn't gone".

File:Normal 049.jpg

Bonnie casting the spell

Bonnie cast the spell on the ring, but Caroline indicated that she was expecting incantations and the other attributes of spell casting. Stefan chided her but Caroline protested that she wanted to make sure that the spell worked. With that Bonnie pulled back the curtains to let in all the sunlight including rays that struck Caroline. Caroline yelped and screeched but the sunlight didn't harm her at all. "It worked" Bonnie said with a bit of mocking.

File:Normal 193.jpg

Later in the woods Stefan was training Caroline to hunt woodland animals like rabbits. Caroline half jokingly wondered if killing defenseless animals a step in becoming a serial killer. Stefan with gallows humor explained that becoming a vampire skips over being a serial killer. Caroline then vented her frustration over being in the house for days not being able to be with Matt after he told her he loved her and he is at the swimming hole having fun with the others.

File:Normal 248.jpg

Stefan laughed at Caroline's typical manic behavior with her resenting him thinking it was funny. Stefan said it was not funny and seriously explained that when one became a vampire the person they were as a human is magnified greatly after they are transformed into a vampire. Stefan was very caring towards people so that got magnified greatly, as an explanation that despite his vampire nature he cared enough for people not to hurt them. Caroline's manic behavior is thusly magnified. "So you're saying..that now...I'm basically an insecure, neurotic, control freak on crack?" Stefan stifled a smile and said "I wouldn't put it that way...but...". He then said they will finish the hunt and then go to the swimming hole so she could be with Matt since being with him will help her hang on to her humanity.

File:Normal 253.jpg

Caroline finds Aimee flirting with Matt

At the swimming hole party Caroline noticed Stefan looking serious at a passing Mason, noted his serious look at him and the two joked about his various facial expressions in different situations. Caroline found Aimee Bradley talking to Matt and with heightened jealousy compelled Aimee to "..go find somebody single to stalk, Aimee!" (she would go after Tyler Lockwood and then when the compulsion wore off left him confused).
File:Normal 336.jpg

"Shut up"

An annoyed Matt told her Aimee was harmless and she was rude and lame to dodge all of his calls and then show up at the party to be the jealous girlfriend and walked off. Stefan then came up to Caroline saying he saw her compel Aimee. Caroline said she deserved it but Stefan said that no one deserved to have their head messed with for shallow reasons. Caroline expressed her frustration with everyone defending Aimee. Stefan told her that she is letting the jealousy get the better of her. Caroline then sarcastically that now she has magnified jealousy issues then said that she should have stayed dead and her entire personality was killing her. "Shut up" she said to Stefan after she saw him stifling a smile.
File:Normal 384.jpg

Caroline kisses Matt

That night as the party at the swimming hole was breaking up Caroline asked Matt if he was still mad. Matt said he thought she was passed the insecurity issues after telling her how he felt about her. She told him repeatedly that she was sorry. He wasn't going to put up with it any longer. She said she understood and then she kissed him passionately then he returned the kiss with equal passion.

File:Normal 399.jpg
He then took her to a more isolated spot in the woods. Stefan who was keeping an eye on Caroline lost sight of her as he was talking to Elena on his cellphone who was at Duke University examining the research of her biological mother Isobel Saltzman and discovered some answers to the werewolf lore and putting together that and what Stefan saw what Mason Lockwood did. Stefan was told by Elena that it was a full moon and that a werewolf bite could be fatal to vampires. He hung up on Elena and then tried to call Caroline's cell phone but she had left it behind in a pickup truck. Stefan went after them into the woods.

File:Normal 409.jpg

Matt finds a secluded spot to his liking and started kissing Caroline. He is momentarily distracted by a snapping twig but Caroline's passions are growing and she starts kissing him. Her passions still building she pushes him against a tree (using normal strength) and kisses him intensely. Then Matt cuts his left wrist on the tree bark.

File:Normal 457.jpg

Caroline licks the wound

Caroline is mesmerized by the blood. It was essentially a replay of when Jeremy cut his wrist on purpose in front of Anna to make her reveal she was a vampire. Caroline goes through the same things she sniffs the blood and then to Matt's confusion starts to lick the wound. Then she sinks her fangs in and starts to drink from it. Totally weirded out Matt frees his wrist and then sees her face. She has her "game face" on with black eyes and baring fangs.

File:Normal 467.jpg

Caroline bites Matt

However unlike the far more experienced Anna at the time who was able to control her blood lust, Caroline is carried away despite Stefan's teachings and she attacks him biting down on his neck. Stefan races in at super speed and break her hold and moves her back. She ask Stefan what's wrong as Matt slides dazed to the ground.
File:Normal 483.jpg

Stefan stops Caroline from hurting Matt anymore

She becomes herself again and realizes what is wrong. But Stefan has an even more pressing matter. They have to leave the woods now. Caroline hears something circling them. Stefan says they have to lure whatever it is away from Matt. He tells a groggy Matt to stay down. They then run at super speed away from Matt.
File:Normal 523.jpg

A scared Caroline with a werewolf on top of her

Caroline stops to demand what it is. Stefan tells her it is a werewolf. Tyler Lockwood shows up ostensibly wondering what they are doing there. Then the werewolf attacks Caroline and knocks her on her back, snarling in her face. She can just barely hold it off despite her super strength. Stefan rushes in and knock it of Caroline. Stefan rolls back on his feet and faces the snarling beast who snarls back at him. Tyler shouts at the werewolf. The beast regards him snarling then backs off and runs away at super speed leaving the three bewildered.

File:Normal 543.jpg

Caroline compels Matt

Later back with Matt, Caroline compels him to forget what she did to him and believe it was an animal that attacked him while they were making out in the woods and bit his neck. "Weird, it just came out of nowhere" he says his line in his hypnotic state. As she leaves Matt in a daydream state, she ask about Tyler, Stefan says he took care of it. He tells her he will put Matt on vervain which will keep her from drinking his blood and compelling him further. She says she can't believe she hurt the one person she never ever wanted to hurt. Stefan tells her it is not going to get any easier, that she has to work on it that much harder. She says that she shouldn't be with him. He tells her that it is her decision that if he followed his own advice he would have walked away from Elena a long time ago, he should've but now he can't.

File:Normal 620.jpg

Matt and Aimee in the Grill

Later back in town Caroline sees Matt and Aimee talking at the table in the Mystic Grill. Caroline sets herself knowing what she must do and approaches the table. She goes into her jealousy drama act implying that Aimee of moving in on Matt. Matt, fed up asks sarcastically "Seriously!?!?" "No I'm not Matt! She's into you and anyone can see it!" A very uncomfortable Aimee gets up and leaves with Caroline staring her down.
File:Normal 639.jpg

Caroline and Matt break up

He ask Caroline what is wrong with her. She says it is not her fault and that Aimee is after him and she shouldn't have to put up with it. He said he thought she said that there will be no more drama. "Well, I lied" she said in a "What are you going to do about it?" manner. "Just forget it; forget all of it" he says in despair and walks away from her. "So what are you like, breaking up with me!?" He turns and says "Yeah, I guess that is what I'm doing."They look at each other meaningfully couple of few heartbeats and then he turns and heads out the door unknowingly leaving a heartbroken Caroline who deliberately drove him away for both their own goods alone.
File:Normal 686.jpg

Caroline wakes up to find Katherine's there

The next morning Caroline is in her bed sleeping. She awakens to find a woman beside her bed, again, and recoils. "Elena?" she asks. "Nope." "Try again.". "Katherine." Caroline concludes correctly and recoils further against the headboard of her bed as Katherine sits on it. "Don't be frightened." "We're gonna to have so much fun together." She says deviously.

File:Normal 008.jpg

Caroline tries to distract Elena

File:Caroline's Car.png

Caroline's car, used to keep Elena away from Stefan

In Memory Lane, When Damon convinces Alaric Saltzman to convince Jenna to host a private mini reunion barbecue party with a couple of her old high school frineds supposedly so that Alaric can meet some of her old friends including Mason Lockwood (in which Damon's alteriour motive was to drop hints to Mason that he knew what he was), Caroline was also there at the house and walks to Elena (who had invited her and Damon) outisde as she was making a call to Stefan after he continuously doesn't answer (he was busy interrogating Kathrine in the dungeon-or so he thought) .

File:Normal 015.jpg

"God! I cannot stop eating"

Caroline tries to distract Elena from the fact that her boyfriend won't answer by droping hints that a vampire/human relationship wouldn't work including telling her that Stefan supposedly said to Caroline that despite how he felt about Elena every second he she was a temptation. He fought the desire for blood every second every day even when she was with him. "The desire to rip out your jugular every time he is with you? Trust me, its there. That's why I had to break up with Matt" Caroline said to Elena. Elena contemplated what Caroline said as Alaric came to them to tell them dinner was ready.

File:Normal 046.jpg

Caroline guesses in Pictionary "Puppy! Puppy with a tutu!"

After Caroline played Pictionary with the others, Elena, after waiting for a few hours for a return call and getting a bad feeling, decides to take matters into her own hands and says she's going to go over there to see what's happening. Caroline after trying to discourage her from going including saying she was being a clingy girlfriend she offers her a lift there which Elena happily agrees too.
File:Normal 084.jpg

Caroline sabotages the car Wheel's

On the way out, Caroline deliberately drops her keys near the back left tire and twist the air valve damaging it enough to produce a slow leak. On the road, Caroline again drops hints that Elena and Stefan should break up. "Why are you being so snippy? " Elena asks. Caroline blames it on her own personal drama, implying her own break up with Matt, but she presses the issue.
File:Normal 094.jpg

Caroline and Elena in the car

After Elena changed the subject by turning up the car's mp3 player ("We Radiate" by Goldfrapp) Caroline's sabotaged tire blows out and they have to stop the car. It's soon night time and Caroline has made a call to the towing company for them to come and get the car, but it is taking exceedingly long and an antsy Elena wants to call Jenna, presumably to pick them up. Caroline stalls further by saying she will call the tow company again and use her "agro voice".

File:Normal 125.jpg

The car breaks down

Elena offers to walk the rest of the way but Caroline says they can't leave her car. Elena says they will come back for it but Caroline belays her again "What part of 'I'm worried about Stefan' didn't sink in?" frustratingly protests. "What's the rush? Why are you hurrying to get back to a relationship that would never work?" Caroline says annoyed.

File:Normal 139.jpg

The speech

Elena concedes that Caroline is still upset over Matt but not to project it on her Stefan. Caroline denies she is projecting saying.

File:Normal 167.jpg

Caroline begs Elena to stay with her

Elena, stunned ask were her out burst came from. Caroline says she is trying to be her friend but Elena is unappreciative and tells her to stop trying. The tow truck finally approaches and Elena says she is going to walk, but then Caroline grabs her by the arm pleading not to go, but too tightly causing Elena to say she is hurting her. Caroline practically begging says don't leave her alone. "What is wrong with you?" Elena asks Caroline. The truck stops besides them and the driver inquires if they are the ones who called in the flat tire. "She did" Elena says to Caroline and walks off.

File:Normal 192.jpg

Katherine corners Caroline in the Mystic Grill toilets

Later at the Mystic Grill Caroline is in the Grill's lavatory at the sink freshening up in the mirror. Then she hears footsteps and Katherine appears in the reflection. Caroline turns around with trepidation. Katherine is angry because Caroline didn't do exactly what she said and occupy Elena and keep her from returning home and contacting Stefan (Elena came home just as Katherine "escaped" from Stefan and menace Elena).

File:Normal 223 xoxoxoxxox.jpg

Katherine threatens Caroline

Caroline told her that she did all she could to convince Elena that her relationship with Stefan was doomed. As Katherine menacingly stepped forward Caroline said she thought she got to her. "I hope so, because let's not forget. I've already killed you once, I can easily do it again." Katherine said with undisguised contempt.

File:Normal 254.jpg

Caroline apologizes to Elena

Soon after she had a frightening face to face confrontation with Katherine, Elena walks into the Mystic Grill with Stefan. Caroline is there and calls Elena over and she apologizes to Elena about how she acted and what she said. But Elena admits that what Caroline was saying earlier was right but it was hard for her to admit it. Caroline is surprised that Elena is not mad and Elena tells her she was just being a good friend. Caroline apologizes again. Elena wordlessly accepts it and goes over to where Stefan was sitting.

File:Normal 271.jpg

Elena and Stefan 'break up' which leads to Caroline listening to them

There they discuss what Kathrine said to Stefan about the two of them breaking up. Elena is incredulous at the suggestion that they should do what Katherine wants in order to keep Elena safe. He tells her she is sadistic and used to getting her way. Elena doesn't like it that he is letting Katherine have so much power over their relationship. Meanwhile Caroline is hearing every word.Elena tells Stefan that Katherine wants them to fight and get between them.

File:Normal 279.jpg

Caroline listens to Stefan and Elena break up

"She already has" Stefan tells Elena. With apparent realization that that was it; after a moments pause as she absorbed the importance of the moment, she gets up and leaves the Grill. Caroline heard the break up but isn't at all pleased. Damon is also at the Grill and he also heard everything. He has an ever so slight Mona Lisa smile hearing them break up.

File:Normal 280.jpg

Damon also listens to Elena and Stefan break up

When Stefan and Elena are alone again at Elena's house it is revealed that the breakup was all a ruze put on knowing that Caroline would hear and report back to Katherine. They decide not to tell Damon, who also overheard the false break up to better convince Katherine of its legitimacy.

File:Normal 006 xoxox.jpg

In Kill or Be Killed, A few days later Elizabeth Forbes is getting ready for another of the towns many functions, this time The Mystic Falls Historical Society Volunteer Day which Caroline signed her up for but believed she find an excuse to be off. However, Elizabeth is enthusiastic about the prospect of sharing the entire day with

File:Normal 010 xoxox.jpg
her daughter. Caroline is folded arms skeptical. Elizabeth ask her to give her a chance. Caroline warns her she is "in a mood" and it shows. "Goody for me" her mother says self-deprecatingly. She notes that Elena was there the previous night. Reflexively Caroline corrects her saying that Elena wasn't there but then she catches herself saying that Elena was there and needed to talk. She had realized her mother was unknowingly referring to Katherine.

File:Normal 062.jpg

Caroline leaves her Mom in the hall way

Speaking of Elena she tells her mother that she and Stefan are going through a rough patch. Her mother ask if everything is going okay with her (meaning Caroline). Caroline says she is fine but Elizabeth notes that she seemed different some how. Caroline protest that she is fine but Elizabeth comes back saying that while Caroline thinks that her mother doesn't notice things like that, she does. She ask trying to comfort what is wrong. Defensive, Caroline says "You know, there's pretending to be mother and then there's reality. Let's not push our luck okay?" and she leaves her chagrined mother.

File:Normal 090.jpg

Caroline and Elena painting

At the function Caroline described to Elena that Elizabeth is all of a sudden "mother of the year" when she was trying to avoid her the most. Then as they begin to paint on what looked like wood stain and/or preservative on a park ground building pillar and a wood water pump. Caroline noted Elena's apparent boredom and says she is just babbling; but Elena encourages her to go on and she does, Caroline saying she was bitchy to her mother which was "...par for the course with us". "Us" meaning vampires.

File:Normal 093.jpg

Elena seemed preoccupied despite what she said so Caroline asked how things were with her and Stefan and if she heard from him "No, not since the fight" Elena lied referring to the "break up" at the Mystic Grill. She tells Caroline that he has been pushing her away from him because a jealous Katherine might hurt her and she doesn't know how to change her mind. Caroline puts down her brush and goes over to say to her that perhaps that Stefan has a point because Katherine is dangerous. Continuing the lie as her best friend looks at her intently Elena says that she knows that Katherine is dangerous and that Stefan is trying to protect her, but it felt like giving up, that they were stronger than that. To that Caroline just shrugs regretfully.

File:Normal 113.jpg

Caroline looks at Stefan and Elena sharing glances

A few minutes later, still applying wood stain to the facilities Caroline notes the longing looks between Elena and Stefan and comments on it to Elena. Elena puts down her brush and says she is going to go talk to him. Caroline tries to talk her out of it but Elena blows past her heading for Stefan frustrating her. As Elena heads for her alleged ex-boyfriend Damon comes up behind Caroline asking what is Elena's problem. "Don't worry about it" Caroline says. He then asks why she was being such a bitch to her mother. "Don't worry about it" she repeats and walks off to finish re-staining the column but tuning her ears to listen in on Stefan and Elena.

File:Normal 137.jpg

Damon talks to Caroline

The two go into their act. With her asking if he still cares about Katherine and Stefan saying don't turn it into something it is not. Damon starts to listen in on the conversation as well. She ask if it is not up for discussion. Stefan then says he is not saying that only that there are ears on them and looks in the direction of both Caroline and Damon who both badly pretend to be minding their own businesses. The keep going through the act with Elena perhaps not acting, bewildered as to why she and Katherine look so much alike. "How can you hate her and be in love with me?" she ask perhaps seriously. He tells her that she is reaching and he is not Damon. She tells him not to bring Damon into it. Stefan says he can't do this anymore.

File:Normal 145.jpg

Caroline listens to Elena and Stefan

"Fine, Stefan, whatever" Elena says and walks off. Forty feet away and having heard everything Damon says to a displeased Caroline "Relationships are about communication". Caroline gives Damon a dirty look and she takes off after her friend.

File:Normal 162.jpg

Caroline finds Elena

Minutes later Caroline catches up to her as she sits next to a small waterfall plucking leaves off a plant . Sitting down besides her she ask if she is okay. "Nope. Maybe it is for the best" Caroline says. Angry appearing Elena snaps at her saying none of this is for the best. She then immediately apologies and didn't mean to take it out on her saying to Caroline that she was only being a good friend. Caroline slightly shakes her head at that knowing that she wasn't being a good friend to Elena. "No I'm not. I'm not being a good friend at all" Elena looks surprised at the near confession.

File:Normal 183 xoxox.jpg

However Caroline sees her mother on a cell phone leaving the park grounds. "Wheres my mom going?" she ask rhetorically to Elena and gets up. Perhaps using a bit of superspeed Caroline catches up to Elizabeth, asking her what is wrong. She says nothing as she hangs up and closes the cellphone. Elizabeth says it is work, meaning police business. Caroline going back to bitchy mode and folded arms says "It always is". "I'm sorry" Elizabeth says seeming to be near tears for disappointing her daughter for the countless time and turns and walks away. By this time Elena has caught up and ask what is going on. "I don't know" Caroline says as she looks at her mother's retreating form, that somethings up.

File:Normal 239.jpg

Caroline hears gunshots

Minutes later they are both climbing up to higher ground so Caroline can hear her surroundings better. "Hear what?" Elena ask but Caroline doesn't respond but concentrates. Elena tries to speak again but get shushed. Caroline picks up the various park sounds:, a lawn mower, a workman hammering nails, girls playing high speed patty cake. Then Caroline hears Damon and Stefan and then rapid gunshots. "Oh God" Caroline says "What?" says a befuddled Elena who hadn't heard a thing.

File:Normal 256.jpg

Caroline finds blood

Caroline says it was Stefan and Damon and she takes off running but at human speed so Elena can keep up. A few minutes later Caroline stops short and Elena blows past her asking what is it? "They've been here" she response and stoops down to examine the forest floor. Caroline finds blood on a leaf of a bush. They both have fear filed looks on their faces but just then Mason Lockwood comes up behind them wondering what they were doing there.

File:Normal 283.jpg

Mason chokes Elena

Ignoring the question Elena ask where is Stefan, Mason, with a hard face, says he did see him or Damon and walks closer to the two. Elena ask where are they. "You don't need me for that. I'll let your friend sniff them out" he says sardonically to Caroline. Caroline looks at Mason with a hard face as well. "Does your mother know what you are?!? Mason ask hostilely. Caroline is taken aback that he knows. "I'm happy to tell her" he says. She makes a move about to go into superspeed to attack him, but Mason grabs Elena and puts her in a figure 4 rear naked choke hold.

Caroline stops in her tracks as Mason threatens to snap Elena's neck. Sounding a little like she was reassuring herself as well as warning Mason she says "I can take you" "Wanna bet?" he says. Now sounding totally defiant she says "Yeah I do!" and burst into speed. She tears Elena out of his arms, grabs his football player physique by his purple V neck Tee shirt and push him up against a tree probably 20 feet away and grab his neck with her right hand, with him letting out a yelp as he slams against the bark; all in less than three seconds.

File:Normal 287 xoxoxoxox.jpg

Caroline chokes Mason

File:Normal 292.jpg

Caroline kicks Mason

"Told yah!" she says triumphantly, her incredible might easily overpowering his werewolf enhanced strength. Then she knees him in the groin and simultaneously flings him down onto the ground. Then while he was down on his hands and knees she kicks him in the stomach lifting him up and sending him flying another 20 feet with his right side hitting another tree, much like a punted football. He was still going up when she hit it. He landed with yelp on his stomach still conscious. Elena is astonished. Caroline is elated. She tells Elena to come on and they both run off at a human speed jog with Mason seeing them go.

File:Normal 299.jpg

File:Normal 321 xoxox.jpg

Eventually they come across the cellar of the old slave quarters on the old Lockwood plantation. Caroline listens and hears her own mother say "He's not going to tell us anything. Kill them both!" Elena ask what is going on. Caroline tells her Elizabeth is killing them. Elena says "What?" but Caroline restrains her. Caroline is afraid to stop it because her mother will find out about her. Elena, disgusted, ignores her and runs down the stairway leaving a torn Caroline, but just temporarily. She eventually runs down the stairs after Elena who had just hit a sheriff deputy with a old plank trying to stop the killing. The deputy who was hit holds her at gun point, but Caroline, using her superspeed, slams shut a cellar door. Elizabeth ask Elena who else is with her. Around them Caroline uses her superspeed, frightening the cop holding Elena.

File:Normal 326.jpg

Caroline kills the first deputy

File:Normal 344 (2).jpg

Caroline step out of the shadows

Caroline runs behind Elena comes around and defects the gun spinning the terrified cop around, holds him with her powerful arms and starts to rip out his jugular vein with her fangs; her snarling mixing with his cries in terror and pain as she drinks his blood. Then the report from the other deputy tells Caroline she is being fired upon. She holds the dying police officer between her and the shooting cop as a shield against his wooden bullets. The Deputy gets off 10 rounds before Caroline drops the all but dead deputy and snarling rushes the one firing at blinding speed, knocking the gun out of his hand and giving him a vicious left cross with the back of her right hand and throwing the some six foot odd, 220 lbs plus man him down unconscious. She retreats to a darken corner of the cellar moth bloodily and blond locks wild and growling like a banshee. Her mother looks at her with astonishment as Caroline walks out of the shadows breathing heavily. Then she stops and collects herself and suppresses her game face and she returns to human likeness. "Hi mom." she says. Later Stefan has regained consciousness while Elena comforts him.

File:Normal 364.jpg

File:Normal 387.jpg

Caroline is sitting on the steps of the cellar; her mother sitting on a box hands neatly on her thighs refusing to look at her. Damon is feeding on the other fallen deputy, the one Caroline didn't kill or bite, just knocked out. He is dead now as well. Damon crawls over to his brother saying he needs to drink some deputy blood. Stefan characteristically refuses even though it would rush the healing process from both the bullet wounds and the injected vervain. Caroline tells Stefan that Damon is right, "...if there is ever a time to break your diet..." Elena cuts her off. "He said he didn't want it!" Then softer "Okay?" remembering she had just saved Stefan's life at the cost of exposure to her mother.Damon gets up snakily saying this was a most unfortunate situation, two deputies dead and then turning to the stoic Elizabeth "...and you. What I'm going to do with you?" Caroline perhaps naively says to her mother "You won't tell anyone will you?" Elizabeth looks at her but looks away again without saying a word. Caroline says "mom" repeatedly but Elizabeth poignantly refuses to acknowledge her daughter "Please I know that we don't get along and you hate me but...I'm your daughter'll do this for me right?" she says with pleading in her voice. No answer, her mom looks away to the ground. "Mom please, he will kill you!" referring to Damon who nodes his head yes.

File:Normal 391.jpg

Mom looks up and says almost pleading "Then kill me!" her face in despair. Caroline says no. "I can't take this. Kill me now!!" she says as Damon approaches and Caroline gets up. "You were going to drag it out so painfully" Damon says to her throwing her own words back into her face as he looks at her almost nose to nose. Suddenly he grabs her and brings her to her feet. No no no!! Caroline cries behind him. DAMON DON'T!! DAMON PLEASE!!! Stefan and Elena respectively said. "Relax guys! No one's killing anybody". Then everyone sighs in relief and possibly surprise. Then to Elizabeth surprisingly tenderly and seeming to mean it. "You're my friend" Then to the group: "We've got to clean this up."

File:Normal 404.jpg

File:Normal 418.jpg

Caroline listens to her Mom and Damon

That night Caroline comes home to the Salvatore residence with a small travel bag of her moms clothes apologizing to Elena for being late that she didn't know how long her mom was staying over Elena tells her that vervain takes about three days or sooner to leave the body. Stefan joins them and Caroline ask if he got some blood in him and he tells her he feels much better. They reach the door way of the cellar the brothers are keeping Elizabeth in. She was just about to enter when she heard her mother say "Keep Caroline away from me please; I don't want to see her. Damon, knowing that Caroline was leaning against the door jam says "she's your daughter Liz." "Not any more" Elizabeth says disowning her daughter. "My daughter's gone" "You have no idea how wrong you are about that!" says Damon and he looks at hidden Caroline sympathetically. After a moment Caroline sets down the bag and turns and leaves..Elena goes after her. She sits in the living room as from her pov Elena leaves again briefly and then comes back offering to take her home.

File:Normal 424.jpg

A crying Caroline tells her that she can't go home. Elena ask why not? Tenderly Elena coaches out of her, it is because Katherine is going to be there. She confesses that she will want to know everything that happened that day and
File:Normal 490.jpg

Elena hugs Caroline

also that she had to spy on Elena and report back to Katherine. Elena tells her that she knows and she was so mad at Caroline then she tried to put herself in her position to try to figure out why she would do that to her and Stefan after being such a friend to her. Elena gets up and sits next to her friend. Insightfully she asks "Who did she threaten?" "Matt" Caroline said
File:Normal 498.jpg

Caroline sleeps at the Boarding House

saying that she was very scared of Katherine. Elena said she should be they all should be scared of her. Caroline ask why is Katherine doing this to them. "That's the million dollar question" Elena says. Caroline, despite being many times stronger than Elena settles in Elena's embrace with her head against her chest feeling safe and falling asleep in the arms of her best friend, a frail human. In Plan B, A little less than three days later Caroline enters her mother's cell in the Salvatore dungeon to collect
File:Normal 007 xoxoxoxx.jpg

Caroline see's her Mom

her dinner plate, but notices that she didn't touch her food. Caroline tell her that according to "Dr. Damon" the vervain in her system would be completely gone soon and she will be compelled to forget and sleeping in her own bed that night. Sheriff Forbes pointedly didn't look at her or acknowledge her presence. Caroline ask if she really going to pretend like she isn't there. "Yes; so please go." she says looking her daughter in the
File:Normal 040 xoxxxox.jpg

Caroline cleans up her Mom's tray

eye. Frustrated Caroline picks up her mother's tray and says to her she didn't care, just like before she was a vampire. As she heads out the door she says "It's not like I died or anything. Then the facade cracking along with her voice Elizabeth Forbes ask her daughter "Are you....are you really dead?" A pause and then "Yes and no" she answers. "How is it possible?". Another pause and then Caroline comes back in and closes the door. Minutes later they are in deep discussion about her life style. She explains that she does drink human blood but it is the stocks from the local hospital blood bank. It is not as good as fresh human blood direct from a living
File:Normal 087.jpg

Caroline tries to explain to her Mom about blood

being but better than the animal blood Stefan tries to get her to drink. Elizabeth ask if she steals the blood but Caroline says Damon does, but she was pilfering his supplies.
File:Normal 116 xoxoxxxxxx.jpg

Caroline hears Damon

"As long as you have blood, You don't need to kill?" she ask. A pause "I want to....(fear flashes on Elizabeth's face)..its my basic nature now but on a healthy diet I can control it" she answers. She says she is getting better at it but it is Stefan who is a problem drinker. He is a "bloodaholic". Her mother says she doesn't want this for her with Caroline responding with "...when life gives you lemons..." Then her super hearing picks up that Damon is home and tells her mother. Another look of fear plays on Elizabeth's face. A few minutes later Caroline comes out of the dungeon and catches Bonnie on her way out of the Salvatore residence. She had just helped Damon abduct Mason by using her witch power to give him repeated brain aneurysm causing him great pain allowing Damon to knock him out take him home and torture him. Bonnie says
File:Normal 145 xoxoxxo.jpg

Caroline and Bonnie talk

"hi" awkwardly to Caroline's nervous "hey". Bonnie ask how is her mom and that Elena filled her in on everything. Caroline tells her that she is going to take her home that night. Bonnie wants to say something feels uncomfortable then tells Caroline she got to go. Wanting desperately to
File:Bonnie and caroline.jpg
reconnect to her friend Caroline stops her by asking if she found the moon stone. "Not yet" she says. Awkward pause and then Bonnie asks about a well they used to play near when they were kids and asks her where it was. "On the edge of the old Lockwood property. Why?" Caroline asks back. As Bonnie texts Stefan she says that is probably where Mason has hid the moonstone. She had a vision of what Mason did with the Moonstone by using her touch sensing powers. She tells her friend that she got to go. Caroline ask to come with her. Bonnie at first says no, but then softens and says "Sure". They then walk together still awkward but reconnecting. As Bonnie and Caroline walked at human speed to the old Lockwood well in the woods Caroline hears Elena's cries for help. She rushed to her aid at super speed until she reached the well and said Elena's name to let her
File:Normal 185 xoxoxox.jpg

Elena stops Caroline going into the Well because it's full of vervain

know she was there. She told Caroline that Stefan was trapped in the well (it was Bonnie who texted him with the location of the moonstone). Caroline made a move to dive down but Elena told her that it was filled with vervain. Frantic she told her vampire friend that they had to get him out NOW!
File:Normal 193 xoxoxoxoxox.jpg
Caroline looked for something and found a chain in a neat pile. She took the end of the chain and threw it over the cross bar. A few moments later Elena had tied the end of the chain around her waste like a harness and was getting ready for Caroline to lower her down inside. At that moment Bonnie finally caught up asking what happened saying Caroline just took off in a blur. Caroline explained that she heard Elena screaming and urged Bonnie to help Elena over the lip of the well. As Caroline lowers Elena down without any effort at all she looses concentration for a second and the chain slips making Elena almost free fall for a second before regaining control. "Sorry" Caroline calls down. Elena accepts the apology and tell her to keep going. She does until Elena is standing in water up to her chest. Out of
File:Normal 209 xoxoxxox.jpg

Caroline and Bonnie help Elena to get into the well

Caroline's direct view Stefan is unconscious and floating face down in the vervain laced water. Elena pulls his head up and reveals that his face has many injuries resembling burns. As Elena ties the chain around him Caroline ask what is going on. "Pull him up!" Elena shouts up and Caroline does. Because Stefan is soaked with vervain contaminated water it is Bonnie that unchains him and user her slim body to support his upper body
File:Normal 236 xoxoxox.jpg

Caroline looks down the Well

weight grunting a little as Caroline supports his feet and lays him still unconscious on the ground. Caroline is quickly back at the well and calls down to Elena that they are ready to bring her up. She tells them to hold on while she looks for the stone. Unknown to her the well is infested by some unknown form of black snakes, probably awakened by all the commotion and splashing about. "Hurry" Caroline shouts down. Then Elena finds it. As she examined the beige box she is bitten by one of the snakes and lets out a scream. The water is filled with them. Elena continues to scream in terror, perhaps also getting bit as well. Caroline shouts down asking what is wrong. Despite her terror Elena still has the presence of mind to get the chain around herself and keep the box and tells Caroline to pull her up and
File:Normal 228 xoxoxhdfds.jpg

Caroline and Bonnie help Stefan

Caroline does it just as fast as she did with Stefan. On the lip as Bonnie helps her out taking the box Elena gets out of the chain harness. She spots Stefan who is just then regaining consciousness with the vervain burns still evident. Bonnie and Elena go to him while Caroline keeps her distance from the vervain contaminated Stefan. Elena then deliberately cuts her palm with a sharp rock. Caroline who was watching Elena instantly turns away. Elena feeds Stefan her blood so he would regain his strength and heal. She plaintively tells him as he drinks weakly that he will be fine. Later Caroline is in the dungeon sitting on her mother's cot along with her telling Elizabeth the day's events face
File:Normal 314.jpg
to face including her pulling a vervain poisoned Stefan from the well. Also, to her great elation she says to her mother that Bonnie wasn't mean to her once and that was progress, feeling that she was getting her friend back. Then she notices her mother staring at her, not out of fear but out of wonder. "It is just that you've become this person...." fearing that Elizabeth
File:Normal 315.jpg
was about to say something negative she interrupts her. "Just when we were starting to get along..." Caroline says voicing her fears. "....this strong, this confident person." Her mother finishes. Caroline is chagrined and virtually speechless. Her mother smiles at her for the first time. "Thank you" her daughter says. She tells Caroline that she doesn't have to take her memories away and she will keep her
File:Normal 322.jpg

Caroline compels her Mom

secret. If Caroline is worried about the others just to tell them she did compel her to forget that she won't tell. "I won't do anything to hurt you", she says to her daughter her promise seaming genuine. Caroline ask semi rhetorically why they never talked before like how they were talking then."Today meant so much to me" she says to her smiling and seemingly accepting mother. "Me too" Elizabeth says. Caroline edges closer to her mother and clasp her hands. Elizabeth doesn't even flinch, indicating she
File:Normal 357.jpg
really has started to accept her daughter as she is. "I know...I know I can trust you..." she says to her mother who nods her head, but then Caroline says further: " ...but you'll never going to trust 'them'" most likely referring to Stefan, Damon and other vampires she maybe friends with in the future. Her mother's face slackens with the realization of what she is about to do. "I'm going to take you home. You're going to forget that I'm a vampire" she says compelling her. "I'm going to forget you're a vampire" her mother says in monotone. Sniffling, Caroline continues.

"You'll remember that you got sick with the flu. You had a fever, chills, 'ickiness'. That I made you soup. It was really salty [laughs and sniffles] and we bickered. You got better. Then your selfish little daughter, who loves you, no matter what, got right back to ignoring you. [sigh] And all is right in the world."

In Masquerade,

Caroline telling of her encounter with Katherine at the Mystic Grill

a few days later Caroline is at the Salvatore Boarding House relating a story to Damon and Stefan, about her encounter with Katherine at the Mystic Grill. She had gone to the Grill "gawk" and "stalk" Matt. After an awkward moment he asked her if she wanted a table. She told him in a giggly manner that she just wanted to use the little girls room. Damon, impatient tells her to get to the point. Caroline then tells them that when she went to the lavatory (to follow up on her "dufus" lie to Matt)
File:Normal 032 xoxoxooxoxoxx.jpg

Caroline see's Matt at the Grill

she met "Elena" there but she really instantly knew it was Katherine possibly from the lavender dress that was unlike Elena would wear casually and the wavy hair that distinguishes the otherwise completely identical beings. Katherine pretended to be Elena asking Caroline in her reserved way if she was okay.Caroline made a bit of small talk pretending to be sad then using her Superspeed bolted for the door to rush by Katherine, but Katherine, either by being faster or anticipating the attempt catches blocked the door. "What gave me away; Was it my hair or was it my clothes?" She rhetorically asked Caroline She
File:Normal 066.jpg

Caroline and Katherine

told Katherine that she knew Elena was at home. Katherine told her she need her to deliver a message to Damon and Stefan: "Tell Damon and Stefan I want the moonstone or I will rip this town apart until it rains blood. Tonight. At the Masquerade Ball." Stefan says that she wants to get the stone in public the death of Mason threw her off guard. Damon says that she is running scared and what she did to Jenna was an act of desperation. Stefan counters that they must not underestimate her. Caroline just wants to give her the moonstone so she would leave. Damon tells her she isn't getting "dick". He will just kill her at the Ball tonight. Stefan seeming to fall back on the peace maker role tells Damon with a smirk that Damon isn't going to kill her. Don't give me that goody-goody crap!" Damon says. Stefan repeats that Damon isn't going to killer her. "Oh really?" Damon says. "....because I am". Stefan finishes Damon is happily taken aback.

Later still at the Salvatore home Caroline lets in Bonnie who has the Grimoire after she got Stefan's message.

File:Normal 095.jpg
she ask what is going on. Jeremy nonchalantly tells her they are going to kill Katherine. Bonnie is surprised. Stefan says he can explain. "Please..." Bonnie says. "We're going to kill Katherine" Stefan repeats awkwardly. Damon and Stefan are going over with Alaric the various weaponry that humans uses to kill vampires including crossbows and stakes that use a dispenser like device that puts a stake in the hands from a magazine attached to the wrist and under the sleeves of a shirt or jacket. Both Damon and Stefan look a little uncomfortable as Alaric looks a bit too enthusiastic demonstrating the use of devices meant to kill vampires.
File:Normal 143.jpg
Caroline is even more uncomfortable being a few steps across the room with her arms crossed looking defensive as she look at the devices that were specially made to kill persons like her. Later when the conspirators are all together Stefan instructs Alaric to keep an eye on Elena, who doesn't know what the group is up to. He offers anyone in the group of two ordinary humans, a human who is a witch and three vampires including himself one last chance to back out and he will understand. Damon is more cynical. "Yeah cold feet speak now. I don't want this going wrong when someone chickens out.....Caroline." he says to Caroline "I won't. She killed me; fair is fair as long as there's no werewolves running around." Damon tells her that he took care of Mason with a smirk. Jeremy says as long as Tyler doesn't kill anyone he won't turn. Stefan then ask Bonnie if she was with them. She hesitates for a moment and then steps forward saying as long as no one gets hurt. "Except Katherine!" Damon says. "Tonight Katherine gets a stake through her heart".

Later at the Ball an affair that has circus acts like mimes and fire eaters on the outside grounds, Caroline
File:Normal 145 ocococcoc.jpg
wearing her opera mask (the type that is held with an attached stick like a lollipop) just waiting for instructions when she spots Matt laughing with Tyler and [Sarah], Amiee's friend who almost broke her neck falling down a flight of stairs in the Lockwood mansion several days before. Tyler ask Matt and
File:Normal 164.jpg

Caroline see's Matt

the girl to come with him more private and they move off with him, but then Matt sees Caroline looking at him. They share a fleeting moment looking at each other both slightly smiling, then Matt gets a bit down cast and follows his friends. Caroline sighs silently eyes down cast. Then her cell phone vibrates and she sees a text message from Jeremy saying "your turn".
File:Normal 174.jpg

Jeremy's text

Seconds later she is walking in a lonely isolated part of the Mansion away from the party. She walks toward a room and she reaches for the handle but a small fist reaches out and catches Caroline's wrist. In a flash Caroline is pinned against a wall face first with her arm twisted behind her back and grimacing in pain with Katherine's
File:Normal 198.jpg

Katherine slamming Caroline to the wall

other hand against her head. "What are Stefan and Damon up to?" Katherine "ask" Caroline without preamble. What do you mean?" Caroline ask with her lips almost pressing against the wall. Katherine says that Jeremy is trying to lure her to the lake what is going on? She demands. Caroline plays dumb saying she doesn't know. Katherine spins her around and grabs her by the neck again pinning her against the wall and says to her don't lie to her they are up to something. Caroline plays dumb again. Katherine tightens her grip causing the joints in Caroline's neck to pop and the bones to compress sending her voice up a few squeaky octaves. "I don't know if I can...." Kat

Katherine choking Caroline to tell her Bonnie's location

herine loosens her grip slightly so she can talk. "They're trying to kill you." she says more clearly. Katherine releases her grip, Caroline's bones audibly uncompressed and healing with Katherine saying that much she knew. "Where is the moonstone?" she demands and then with false sweetness "And where's Bonnie right now?" Caroline looks her in the eye and firmly says "I don't know." Katherine grabs her by the throat even tighter than before her bones once again popping and Katherine lifting her off the floor. "She's up stairs! Up stairs!" says Caroline gi
File:Normal 241 xoxox.jpg

Caroline tricks Katherine

ving in. Katherine immediately and contemptuously releases her and she drops to the floor sagging against the wall. A few seconds later Katherine is dragging her by her blond locks upstairs with Caroline holding on to her slim forearm. Caroline ask why is she always dragging her into things. "Shut up" Katherine says demanding which room is it that Bonnie is in as they reached the top of the stars. Caroline tells her and Katherine drags her to a pair of French doors which Katherine kicks the door open using normal human level strength. She lets Caroline go and strides into the room. Without turning around she demands "Where is she?" Then she hears a giggle. Katherine turns around and she sees Caroline with a beaming smile on her face. "I did it! I really didn't think that I could be able to fool you, but I did it" Caroline says with glee. Enraged Katherine charges at Caroline but right at the threshold of the room Katherine is stopped cold by a force field of some kind."What the..." says Katherine confused (it was the vampire trapping spell Bonnie cast over the room earlier
File:Normal 264 xoxoxox.jpg
as planned). She hears footsteps as Caroline puts her hands on her hips and cocks her head. "Stefan...." Katherine says and turns around. "Hello Katherine..." he says. "Good bye Katherine" Caroline says waving her fingers in a "toddles" fashion and walks away. Shortly after Caroline is back at the party smiling to herself and probably listening in with her super hearing to the titanic fight upstairs between Stefan & Damon against Katherine confident that she would soon be staked and out of her life. However her super hearing picks up another struggle elsewhere. She dashes toward that
File:Normal 290.jpg

Caroline breaks up Matt and Tyler from fighting

source heading into Tyler Lockwood's dad's study. "What is going on!?!" she exclaims as she comes running into the room. She then see Tyler and Matt wrestling against each other in combat. She yells to stop as she goes over to the struggle. Tapping slightly into her super strength she wrenches Matt off Tyler and flings him in the opposite direction sending him sliding against
File:Normal 297.jpg

A shocked Caroline and Tyler looking at a unconscious Matt

a wall (to the cowering Sarah on the opposite side of the room it would be plausible since Caroline is a pretty big well built girl, taller than both Matt and Tyler). Matt gets to his feet to charge at Tyler but Caroline stiffs arm him keeping him away. Tyler gets up and tries to get at Matt and Caroline does the same to him keeping both of them at arm span's length yelling at both of them to stop. But Matt keeps charging saying to Caroline and to himself that he got to finish "it" as Tyler yells at him "What the hell is wrong with you?!?" Matt struggles against Caroline's "surprising" strength. She realizes he isn't going to stop so she pushes him back slightly and this time Caroline elbows Matt in the face, knocking him down and out. Caroline looks to Tyler to see if he is in control. He gazes at Matt in a confused expression. Caroline goes over to Matt calling his name concerned that maybe she over did it. Tyler ask her in awe "How did you....?" As both
File:Normal 321.jpg

Caroline witnesses' Sarah's death.

their backs are turned, Sarah makes her move saying to herself in trance like state as she picks up a letter opener off of Richard Lockwood's desk: "Matt failed. If Matt fails, I can't". Caroline hears the odd statement and looks back and sees Sarah advancing on Tyler. "TYLER LOOK OUT!!" Caroline calls out and Tyler whirls around and sees a frenzied Sarah charging but he is shocked into immobilization at the attack and Sarah plunges the letter opener into Tyler's left shoulder just below the collar bone but above the heart, calculated to miss. In a grunt that almost sounded like a roar with probably latent super strength pushes Sarah away very hard and she smashes her skull against his father's hard wood desk with a resounding crack and she bounces to the floor dead. Tyler looks at her and his wound bewildered then rushes to her motionless form. "No no no! C'mon on wake up! Sarah! Open your eyes wake up!" Tyler pleads. Caroline slowly gets up knowing the consequences of Tyler's act. He repeatedly says this can't happen and keeps calling her name as Caroline stands over him. "Sarah get up Sarah! OPEN YOUR EYES!!!" he says shaking the corpse.

Tyler gets up saying this can't be happening. Caroline bends down to the body and takes its pulse on its neck. Nothing. Tyler is

almost hyperventilating and is rubbing his hair and temples. Then something else happens. It could have been mistaken for a roar of grief but to Caroline it was different. She calls out his name as he sinks to his knees and pounds his fist on the floor. "Tyler, what's happening?" Caroline ask and she backs away. "Go away" Tyler tells her almost grunting it out knowing the curse is manifesting itself. "Get AWAY!!" he yells. Caroline yells back "What's happening?" Then he looks up at her with yellow eyes. Caroline is shocked at the sight.

Later Caroline spins a story to Tyler's mom about Matt and her fighting and Sarah was drunk and was dancing

File:Normal 341.jpg
and just tripped and fell. Gloria Lockwood tells Caroline that her mother is coming and both of Sarah's parents were notified and that it was a terrible tragic accident emphasizing almost as if that was a story to tell from a script and not the truth. Tyler comes in and tells them the Sheriff is there. Gloria tells her son and Caroline not to leave that the Sheriff would like to hear the story from Caroline the only witness and leaves. After a moment of awkward silence. Caroline tells Tyler that Matt was in the car sleeping it off. She said she would deal with him
File:Normal 360.jpg
since she doesn't want him involved presumably she will glamor him into forgetting. Tyler ask her what is she doing. "I'm fixing a very bad situation" He ask why and takes responsibility for Sarah's death. Caroline tells him he didn't mean to and she thinks it is best for everyone but Tyler interrupts saying "she's dead. You don't know what that means." "Actually, Tyler, I think I do." she tells him. He tells her she doesn't. "Has your wound healed?" she ask knowingly. Tyler opens his shirt and checks. "How did you know?" he asked amazed.

In Rose, Caroline tells Damon about what happened with Tyler and Sarah. She explains that Matt thinks he

File:Normal 050.jpg
blacked out. Damon asks her what she told Tyler about the supernatural events of Mystic Falls, and she replies: "Nothing really. I don't think he knows much of anything." She admits that she feels sorry for him. Damon tells her that they need to find out more from Tyler but bans Caroline from asking him. "He cannot know about us," he says. "Werewolves can kill vampires, so don't be his friend." Caroline leaves to go to school. Tyler is walking through the school corridors. He notices a shrine to Sarah and looks at it until someone knocks into him. He goes to open his locker, but the lock breaks.

Later, he approaches Caroline and asks how she knew about him. "That you were upset?" Caroline replies. "I thought I was doing a good thing by covering for you."
File:Normal 216.jpg

Caroline uses her super Strength on Tyler

Tyler tells her that he's not talking about that. Caroline pretends not to understand and leaves. Later, Tyler is playing basketball but spots Caroline. He approaches her and asks why she lied to him earlier. "I think you misunderstood me at the party," Caroline replies. "I get it, it's very traumatic." Tyler insists that she's lying, and when she tries to leave he grabs her. However, Caroline uses her strength to push him away.


File:Normal 342.jpg
asks how she did it but Caroline pretends she doesn't know what he's talking about. "If you know something you've got to tell me because I can't handle this," Tyler pleads. Caroline claims that he is just in shock. Tyler leaves and kicks over a bin in anger, but it flies away and hits a car. When Caroline arrives home, Tyler sneaks up behind her and tells her: "I know you're just like me, aren't you?" He says that he won't leave until she tells him the truth. "You're a werewolf, say it!" he yells. Caroline laughs, but Tyler pushes her up against a wall, telling her to stop lying. "I'm not lying," she replies, before pushing him back. Her teeth come out and she says: "I'm not a werewolf, OK?"

Later, Caroline hands Tyler some alcohol and explains that it helps her to relax. Tyler admits that he feels as if his skin is on fire and says that everything has been heightened emotionally. Tyler is shocked that Caroline is a
File:Normal 488.jpg

Caroline and Tyler hug

vampire and asks who else is like her, but she claims that she is the only one. Tyler explains that he is the only werewolf he knows apart from Mason. Caroline announces that Tyler cannot tell anyone about them. "This is life and death," she says. Tyler admits that he has no-one else to tell. "I'm sorry about earlier," he says. "It's just I'm alone with this. It's going to happen to me. The next full moon I'm going to turn and I won't be able to stop it. I'm scared." Caroline hugs him.

In Katerina, In the woods, Elena, who is carrying a big bag, asks Caroline to tell everyone she left school because she wasn't feeling well. She asks her to keep Stefan busy. Caroline is unsure, explaining that she is

File:Normal 02xoxox.jpg
terrible at lying. Elena points out that Caroline managed to keep her occupied when Katherine asked her, and Caroline explains that she was threatened. Eventually, Elena asks Caroline to promise as her friend not to say anything and Caroline agrees. The pair go down into the tomb and Caroline asks: "Are you sure you want to do this?" Elena points out that
File:Normal 096.jpg
Katherine is the only person who knows the truth about Klaus.

Caroline reminds her that Katherine lies about everything but Elena replies: "I can't just sit back and wait. I have to know." Caroline takes off the tomb door and Elena calls after Katherine. Suddenly, Katherine shuffles forward and croaks: "Hello, Elena." Elena tells Caroline to leave; pointing out that Katherine can't hurt her as long as she stays on the right side of the door. Caroline leaves hesitantly.

File:Normal 130.jpg
At school, Caroline spots Stefan leaving and goes to interrupt him. He explains that he heard Elena is sick and is going to check on her. Caroline lets him go, saying they can "talk later". Stefan stops, asking what she needs to talk about, and Caroline admits that she told Tyler she is a vampire.

Caroline takes Stefan to the Mystic Grill to chat about Tyler. She explains that she didn't tell him too much and

File:Normal 228.jpg
asks if Stefan is mad. Stefan admits that he is angry but promises not to tell Damon because he would kill her. Caroline smiles that Stefan is always looking out for her and Stefan explains that she reminds him of his best friend, Lexi. He promises to tell Caroline about her another time and gets up to leave. However, Caroline persuades him to stay, explaining that Tyler is worrying about what will happen when a full moon comes up.

In The Sacrifice, Matt and Caroline chat for a moment but Matt claims that he has to get to class and walks off, leaving Caroline looking sad. She heads over to see Tyler and asks if he has figured out what he's going to do at the full moon yet. He reveals that he has a plan but says that it is private. However, Caroline persuades him to let her help out. Tyler and Caroline walk through the woods and Tyler admits that Matt is struggling to get over Caroline. Caroline agrees but insists that it is better this way. Tyler claims that he understands, saying:

File:Normal 092.jpg
"You can't be honest with him. It's not really fair to be with someone and not let them know who you are. I get it." He points out the Lockwood cellar and explains that he thinks Mason was headed there on the night that he turned. The pair go downstairs and Tyler points out the old claw marks on the walls and the bolts and chains. Caroline discovers something wrapped up and, when she opens it, finds a journal. The pair realise that Mason kept a diary of what happened to him. Tyler reads: "The full moon is tonight." Caroline asks if Mason wrote down what happened, and Tyler finds a memory stick in the back of the book.

At Caroline's house, Tyler puts Mason's memory stick into a computer and the pair discover that Mason taped his first transformation. Caroline looks at the journal and finds that he wrote about it the next day. As they watch Mason being sick on the tape, Caroline reads that he tried to drink wolfsbane to make him weaker. "Over an hour passed and nothing happened," she reads. "It got so quiet I could feel my own blood pumping... I kept thinking I'd black out and not feel it but I did. I felt all of it." The pair watch Mason writhing in pain and skip through the tape, realising that the process lasts at least five hours. Tyler begins to cry, s

File:Normal 223.jpg
aying: "I can't do that Caroline. Whatever that was, I can't go through that."

Meanwhile, Caroline suggests that they shouldn't read anymore of Mason's journal. "There's a reason it's called a curse, Tyler," she adds. Tyler takes the book and sees that Mason described the transformation as "unimaginable pain" and
File:Normal 352.jpg

Caroline, Matt and Tyler

"the worst night of [his] life". Caroline reassures him that the transformation speeds up and suggests that he just needs to get through the first time. Tyler asks why she is helping him because they have never been close before. Caroline admits that she had no-one to help her when she turned. "I had no control over my body or my urges and I killed somebody," she admits. "I don't want that for you." The doorbell rings and Caroline gets up to answer it. She discovers Matt, who explains that he was driving home from work and found himself there. "I miss you," he admits. Caroline smiles, but Tyler appears, causing Matt to look confused.

In By the Light of the Moon,Tyler begins setting up chains in the Lockwood cellar and Caroline reveals that she brought some wolfsbane with her. Tyler reaches over to touch it but it burns him. He explains that he brought some water with him and asks Caroline to mix the wolfsbane into it. Tyler continues to set up the chains and reveals that the set-up should be able to hold 5000 pounds. However, he admits that he doesn't know if a werewolf can pull more than that. He takes off his top and Caroline is shocked, checking that he is not going to get naked. Tyler asks: "What should I wear?"

Meanwhile, at the Lockwood cellar Caroline reveals that it is almost 8 o'clock. Tyler explains that the transformation could happen before the moon hits its apex. He admits that he doesn't know how long he will actually be a wolf, but suggests that it will be for a few hours. He grabs the bottle of wolfsbane water and Caroline asks if he is sure he wants to drink it, but Tyler insists that he does because it will diminish his strength. He drinks and immediately starts being sick. Caroline rushes over to soothe him but he shouts at her to leave. She refuses and, as Tyler apologises, strokes his head. Tyler is still struggling with his transformation and gasps as some of the changes begin to take effect. "I'm burning up," he groans. Caroline advises him to breathe through this and again he tells her to leave. "Not yet," she replies. Tyler begins screaming and pulling against his chains, and Caroline gets up and begins crying, covering her mouth with her hand in shock. "It hurts," Tyler groans.

Back at the cellar, Caroline admits that she doesn't know how to help and Tyler tells her that there is nothing she can do. Suddenly, his back begins to bulge as the transformation continues. Tyler begs her to get out as he

File:Normal 176.jpg
doesn't want to hurt her but Caroline refuses and takes his head. She hugs him and advises Tyler to fight through it. Tyler continues to tell her to go, but she whispers: "I'm right here. I'm not going anywhere."

However, Tyler begins to convulse and groan. His eyes turn yellow and he snaps at Caroline. Caroline gets up and runs over to lock the metal gate to the cellar.

File:Normal 428.jpg
"I'm sorry," she cries. Tyler bares his fangs at her and Caroline runs out of the cellar. She shuts the wooden door at the entrance to the cellar and sobs as she hears Tyler screaming and groaning. Eventually, he becomes silent, but then he bashes against the door. Caroline pushes up against it as Tyler barges up and tries to knock it down. "Tyler, don't," Caroline pleads. "Stop." She uses a plank to hold the door in place before running away through the woods.
File:Normal 456.jpg

Later, Caroline is walking through the woods. She arrives at the cellar and looks down the steps. She heads downstairs and examines the door, which has some damage but is still shut. She calls: "Tyler" and hears him mumble "Caroline" in return. She bursts in and spots him curled up on the floor. She covers him up to keep him warm and says: "You're OK, you're OK. You made it. You didn't get out. You're OK." However, Tyler sobs and replies: "No I'm not."

In The Descent, Caroline is at school preparing for a barbeque when she spots Tyler. S

File:Normal twelve0277.jpg
he congratulates him on surviving his first full moon without hurting anyone. Tyler thanks her for being there and the pair stare at each other for a while. Caroline breaks the silence by suggesting that they should reinforce the cellar wall because he almost pushed it down bit her. Eventually, she reveals that legend says werewolf bites are fatal to vampires. However, the duo are interrupted by Matt, who asks to speak to Caroline, and Tyler leaves.

Caroline insists that nothing is going on between her and Tyler and Matt accepts that. He suggests that they got their wires crossed and suddenly kisses Caroline. Caroline pulls away and tells him that he can't do that, before walking off. Later, Matt approaches Caroline in the school corridor and asks why she ran away when he kissed her. Caroline apologises but Matt asks her to explain her feelings. Caroline eventually admits
File:Normal twelxoxo.jpg

Matt kisses Caroline

that she loves him, but Matt asks what the problem is. He asks her to tell him what she's keeping from him. Caroline hesitates, and the pair are interrupted by another girl telling Matt they need more burgers. He turns to speak to her, but when he looks back Caroline has disappeared. When Caroline gets home, she discovers Tyler waiting for her. He asks her why she would risk
File:Normal twelve xoxox.jpg

Tyler kisses Caroline

death to be with him, and Caroline replies that he needed help. Tyler points out that he could have killed her and says he doesn't understand. Caroline asks why it is so hard for him to let people help him. She begins to get angry, sarcastically saying that she's sorry if she overstepped her boundaries by caring about him. Tyler interrupts her speech by kissing her, but Caroline eventually pulls away, telling him that he can't do that. In Daddy Issues, A new werewolf in town investigating Mason Lockwood's death, Jules, reveals to Tyler that Stefan
File:Tumblr lg3q3qalNU1qbjrw4o1 500.gif
and Damon Salvatore are vampires as well and that they are responsible for Mason's death. Tyler realizes that Caroline lied to him and grows angry with her,
File:Normal 406.jpg

Caroline being tortured by Brady

confronting her and yelling at her that he trusted her. Jules and her pack of werewolves decide to get revenge on the Salvatore brothers for killing Mason, and kidnap Caroline, shooting her in the head with a wooden bullet and taking her into the woods, where they torture her with vervain, wooden bullets, etc. Jules gives Stefan an ultimatum, telling him to give her Tyler or Caroline would die. Stefan goes with Tyler to the meeting place Jules told him to go to, but Damon interrupts. The werewolves begin fighting with the Salvatore
File:Normal 513.jpg

Tyler helping Caroline out of the cage

brothers, while Tyler runs inside Jules' caravan to find Caroline locked inside a cage. She begs him to open it for her, but he hesitates, which causes Caroline to become confused and angry. He eventually opens it for her, but as Caroline
File:Normal 545.jpg
steps outside, Jules backs her up against the caravan, placing a gun to her back. Tyler watches her guiltily as she looks at him, confused as to why he isn't helping her. A warlock named Jonas Martin comes to the clearing and uses his magic to stop the werewolves from hurting the vampires, stating that Elijah had sent him to help them. They leave the clearing as the werewolves fade into unconsciousness and Jonas warns Tyler to tell them to leave town. As Caroline is getting rid of the blood on her body from the torture the werewolves put her through, Matt calls her,
File:Normal 635.jpg

Caroline tries to get the blood and wood splinters out of her

wondering why they didn't meet up earlier in the night, as they had made plans, and Caroline lies to him, telling him that Bonnie was in trouble and needed her help. Matt notices Bonnie at the Grill with Jeremy and realizes Caroline is lying to him. He says goodbye coldly on the phone to her. Later on, Tyler comes to her house, apologizing. She doesn't forgive him and Tyler says he didn't know
File:Tumblr lg59m7KEXq1qfw4q0o1 500.gif
what to do because she lied to him. She yells at him, saying that he's supposed
File:Normal 812.jpg

Best Friends

to help his friend, but he didn't. He apologizes again but Caroline refuses to accept it, saying that they are no longer friends and that she will never go through what she went through again. She tells him to 'get the hell out of her house' and slams the door in his face, subsequently ending their friendship. Stefan asks Elena and Bonnie for help, saying that Caroline needs her friends after what happened to her, and Elena and Bonnie go to her house, saying that they are having a slumber party at her house and Caroline breaks down, crying as they both hug her tightly.

In Crying Wolf, Caroline tries to fix things with Matt, but she realizes that their trust levels with each other are very low, due to all the lies being tossed around in their relationship. Caroline helps Bonnie and Jeremy kidnap Luca, another warlock, in order to get answers about Klaus and what he wants with them. Ca

File:Normal 142 xoxo.jpg
roline realizes that Jeremy likes Bonnie, and tells her. Bonnie is hesitant at
File:Normal 182.jpg
first, saying that it is her best friend's little brother and that Elena might not approve, but Caroline says that they are in no position to be picky or judgmental, because they are both a witch and a vampire. Tyler attempts to talk to Caroline but she leaves before he gets a chance. He steals her phone, as the werewolves have a plan to lure Elena and Stefan away from Mystic Falls in order to capture Elena to break the sun and moon curse. Tyler and another werewolf, Brady, attempt to kidnap Elena, incapacitating Stefan in the process. Stefan asks Tyler why he has betrayed them and Tyler says he wants a normal life without being a werewolf.

Stefan tells him that the werewolves lied to him about how to break the curse, and that for the curse to break, Elena
File:Normal 293.jpg

Caroline, Bonnie and Jeremy

needs to die. Tyler then helps Stefan, who kills Brady, and apologizes to Elena, saying that he did not know Elena had to die to break the curse. Elena forgives him and hugs him sympathetically. At the end of the episode, Tyler decides to
File:Tumblr lgfmoaObBw1qcse73o1 500.gif


leave Mystic Falls, telling Matt to treat Caroline better, because she deserves it, and that even though he himself loves Caroline, she deserves Matt. He visits Caroline's house, but does not communicate with her, instead watching her lock the door to her house and walk back upstairs to her room. Tyler leaves town with Jules, saying that he cannot remain in Mystic Falls with so much going on.

Caroline does not appear in The Dinner Party.

In The House Guest, Caroline and Matt are still having some issues, which leads to Caroline singing him a song at the Mystic Grill, Eternal Flame by The Bangles. Matt runs up on stage and kisses her, which leads to them making out
File:Normal 020.jpg
in the bathroom. The lights go out and Matt, who works at the Grill, runs out,
File:Normal 373.jpg

Caroline and Matt kiss at the Grill

wondering what has happened. Jonas Martin, whose son Luca was accidentally killed by Damon, begins burning the Mystic Grill, trying to lure out the Salvatore brothers and Elena. Stefan and Elena ask for Caroline's help, asking her to distract Jonas. As Jonas is burning the bar, Caroline attacks him, trying to bite him, but he uses his magic to incapacitate her.
File:Normal opopo.jpg

Caroline being tortured by Jonas Martin

As she is writhing on the floor, Matt runs at Jonas, yelling at him to leave her alone and Jonas grabs a bottle and breaks it, stabbing Matt in the neck. Caroline runs to him as Jonas leaves, and her face becomes one of a vampire as she smells Matt's blood.

He sees her face and starts freaking out, but Caroline bites into her wrist and feeds him her blood to heal him. Matt wakes up in Caroline's room, freaking out because he drank her blood and saw her face. Caroline tells him that
File:Normal 598.jpg

Caroline tries to calm Matt down about Vicki

her blood healed him and he freaks out. Caroline tells him she's a vampire and Matt gets angry, realizing that Vicki was talking about vampires before she died. He asks Caroline what she did and Caroline says she did nothing. Matt tries to leave, but Caroline stops him, saying she can't let him leave. Matt tries to attack her, yelling at her, asking her what she did to Vicki and Caroline tries to explain to him that she didn't kill Vicki.
File:Normal 217TVD0333.jpg

Caroline trying to find Matt

In Know Thy Enemy, Caroline spends most of the day looking for Matt. Unable to find him, she returns home to find Matt waiting for her in her house. Matt, still a bit afraid of her, backs off a bit but asks her to tell him everything about Vicki and vampires. She tells him everything and explains that she couldn't stay away from him because she loved him.

After revealing everything, Matt asks Caroline to compel him because he didn't
File:Normal 217xoxox.jpg

Caroline compels Matt

want to know any of the stuff she told him. Caroline compels Matt even though she
didn't want to. After he exits her house, Matt heads towards a cop car. He has a talk with Sheriff Forbes revealing that they were working together and explained he had drunk vervain. Sheriff Forbes then asked him to tell her everything he now knows. (What Caroline told him). In The Last Dance, She went to the 60's Dance with Matt after she compelled him to forget everything, but not really
File:Normal 097.jpg

Caroline leaves with Matt to attend the 60's dance

knowing that he still does know as well as her mother. Matt at first really doesn't want to go with Caroline because of what she is, but Sheriff Forbes tells him otherwise.

File:Normal 148.jpg
They go to the dance together, but sometime when Caroline and Matt are dancing, Stefan asks if he could Dance with Caroline. Whist Matt gets the drinks, Stefan tells Caroline that Klaus is here. Even though she knew Klaus was there, she didn't have anything to do with the whole plan.

Caroline doesn't appear in the episode Klaus.

File:Normal 016.jpg
In The Last Day, she and Matt seem to be doing okay, with Matt getting more used to Caroline being a vampire and thinking she is still the same. But as he talks with Sheriff Forbes she says she is a soulless creature. As Caroline goes to visit Ms Lockwood in hospital, she runs into Tyler and
File:Normal 088.jpg

Greta captures Caroline

Jules. Caroline is shocked and surprised to see him back. Jules gives them a minute to talk and goes back to her car.

Tyler and Caroline talk for a bit until they are attacked by Klaus' witches.

File:Normal 175.jpg
Caroline wakes up in the Tomb, to find Tyler and her locked up. She reveals everything that has been happening in Mystic Falls to Tyler as well as the Sun and Moon curse being fake. She later asks why he left town and her. The two have a moment before Damon comes to save Caroline. As they are about to leave, Caroline begs Damon to save Tyler as well. He agrees and they quickly leave the Tomb.

When they get outside it is dark and they find Matt waking up after Damon hit him with his wooden bullet gun. Tyler starts having pains as he starts his transformation. As they try and get to the Lockwood cellar, it's already beginning

File:Normal 324.jpg
to be too late as Tyler attacks Damon and biting him. But no one notices. Damon tells Matt and Caroline to go to the Lockwood cellar and lock themselves up in there so Tyler can't get in.When they get there, Tyler seems to be much stronger as he gets through the wooden door and might get through the door that keeps Caroline and Matt safe.

In The Sun Also Rises, Matt and Caroline trying to fight off Tyler, who has transformed into a werewolf. Matt worries

File:Stop matt xoxo.jpg
that the gate in the tomb won't hold and eventually shoots Tyler. Caroline grabs his hand and they rush off. They return home and Matt reveals that he knew Caroline was a vampire because he has been drinking vervain, adding that it
File:Hide xoxo.jpg
was Sheriff Forbes's idea. Caroline is shocked that her mother knows about her and asks what she said, but Matt admits that Sheriff Forbes will probably always hate vampires. Caroline asks how Matt is feeling but he changes the subject, pointing out that they are stuck in the house hiding from Tyler.

Later, Caroline reassures Matt that he will not have killed Tyler. She asks about her mum some more, but Matt admits that
File:Finds out xoxo.jpg

Caroline finds out her mom knows she's a vampire

he doesn't think she knows what to do about Caroline. Suddenly they notice someone at the door and discover Tyler curled up on the porch. Caroline covers him with Matt's jacket and eventually gets him inside. Matt admits that he has enjoyed the last few days

Caroline and Tyler

with Caroline but adds that he doesn't think he can deal with her being a vampire. He reveals that he already has a tough life but he just wants to live it without dealing with the supernatural as well. When Tyler wakes up, he admits
File:Funeral xoxo.jpg

Caroline and Bonnie at Jenna's funeral

that he should not have returned to Mystic Falls. However, Caroline tells him not to leave again. She admits that Matt broke up with her and Tyler hugs her as she cries. After her suggestion that instead of bailing on her he could thank her for taking care of him, he does. Caroline is also seen with Elena, Bonnie, Jeremy, Stefan, Damon and Alaric at Jenna's funeral. In As I Lay Dying, Caroline tried to help Elena and Jeremy have as normal a day as possible during the screening of Gone with the Wind. However, things got tight as Stefan was looking for a cure for
File:Normal 044.jpg

Caroline and Elena

Damon who was dying of a werewolf bite. Later, Jeremy got a call from Alaric who told him that Damon had escaped from the Boarding house and was dangerous due to his suffering hallucinations. Caroline, Jeremy and Bonnie started to look for him whilst he was also being hunted by Sheriff Forbes and her deputies. It was Jeremy who found him first and he brought him to the Grill where he called the others.
File:Tumblr llidiix7N61qkslkoo1 500.png

Caroline, Bonnie and Liz weeping over a dead Jeremy

Liz arrived and shot at Damon but he moved out of the way and her bullet hit Jeremy instead. He was killed by her and since she was human, his ring wouldn't save him. Caroline, Bonnie and Alaric arrived to find Liz crying over Jeremy's body. Caroline tried to revive him with her blood but it was too late. Bonnie and Alaric then took him to the old mansion where he was resurrected by the dead witches. When informed of this, Caroline and Liz were reassured. Caroline then told Liz who was still a bit confused over the magic of everything, that she had once explained everything to her but that she had made her forget because she was
File:Normal 169.jpg

Caroline and her Mom embrace

scared about what she might do. She says however that it isn't something that
File:Normal 1oeoe.jpg
she's going to do again as she doesn't want to be afraid anymore. She also says that despite her being a vampire, she was still her daughter. She then hugged her mother and Liz, overwhelmed with emotion, returned her embrace as they cried on each other's shoulders.


Caroline, on the phone with Elena

Caroline walks through Mystic Falls, on the phone with Elena about Elena's birthday party which is going to happen if Caroline has anything to do with it, though Elena is less enthusiastic. Caroline brings up how Elizabeth came across vampire attacks in Tennessee. Caroline meets up with Tyler. At the Grill, Matt switches places with Jeremy because Caroline and Tyler sit in his section and he doesn't want to have to wait on them.

Caroline tells Tyler that Carol has been acting strange lately and that she was eying her yesterday. Jeremy arrives to take their order and Caroline realizes that Matt is trying to avoid them. Tyler comes to his mother's defense by saying they're together a lot of the time. Caroline acts shocked at the idea of something more than a friendship with Tyler. Later, Elena is telling Caroline about Damon as they sort through stuff. Every now and then, Tyler throws in his own opinion in response to Elena's problems, but his blunt attitude is driving Caroline crazy as Elena is in a delicate state and Tyler isn't being very sympathetic about her situation.

Elena gets a call from Bonnie and leaves the room. Caroline tells Tyler he's not allowed to know everything she tells him. Tyler says he should go so he can pick up Sophie and he leaves. Caroline and Elena arrive in the Stoner Den where they find Matt. He gives Elena a kiss on the cheek and says happy birthday to her, ignoring Caroline. Caroline tells Elena that Matt hates her and that's why he's on drugs but Elena tells her that he's on drugs because he misses her, not because he hates her. Later, Caroline watches Tyler dance with Sophie and drinks. Matt shows up and asks about Tyler and Sophie.

File:Normal 443.jpg

Tyler and Caroline

Matt says he's uncomfortable because of Caroline and Tyler's friendship. Caroline compels Sophie to leave. Caroline upsets Elena when she brings up Stefan and tries to apologies but is drunk. As Caroline goes through the crowd, Tyler stops her and asks for an explanation for earlier. He says if he shouldn't be dating, then she should say something. They kiss passionately, and end up sleeping together. Caroline gets dressed as Tyler sleeps and goes downstairs where Carol is waiting for her, and she heard everything. Caroline tries to leave but Carol shoots her with vervain.
File:Caroline and tyler bed.jpg

Tyler and Caroline

Caroline is trapped in a dungeon, tied to a chair by chains. She calls out for help, but no one is there. A mysterious man comes down the stairs, and Caroline calls out to him. He opens the door and walks in, and Caroline looks at him. He says hello to her, and she realizes he is Bill, her father.

File:Normal 116 burning.jpg

Caroline gets burned

Caroline tries to pull the contraptions loose, but can't make them budge. She calls out to her dad but he doesn’t show up. Instead, smoke comes out of the dungeon vents. Caroline instantly begins to cough and choke. Then Bill walks in, lifts her chin up so that they're face-to-face, and says he's sorry that this happened to her. He asks how she can walk in the sun and Caroline then looks at her ring. He slips the ring off her finger and tosses it on the ground next to her. He explains that her ancestors put this torture chamber together themselves, complete with a vervain ventilation system, a reinforced steel containment chair, and a window.

Bill whips out a blood bag and holds it in front of her, taunting her and anticipating what her reaction will be. Caroline has been locked up for a long time and therefore is malnourished, so of course her vampire urges kick in and she tries to get to it. Bill says that blood controls her and he pulls a chain that opens the window. She is burned by the sun and cries out in pain, begging him to stop. After the sunlight is shut out, the steel contraptions cut into her skin and her burns fail to heal. Bill reveals Carol called him and told him about Caroline being a vampire.

Caroline tells him she learned to adapt, but he holds the blood bag in front of her again. Bill locks her up and is confronted by Elizabeth who has her gun. Caroline hears Elizabeth defending her and Elizabeth calls for Tyler. Elizabeth shoots a threatening bullet at Bill when he tries to block the entrance to the torture chamber so he lets Tyler enter. Tyler breaks the locks on the door and the steel contraptions around Caroline's arms and legs. She mentions her ring, so he grabs it and places it back on her finger. Tyler picks her up and carries her to safety. At Caroline's house, Caroline feeds to regain her strength. She thanks her mother. Tyler appears in the doorway so Elizabeth leaves after Caroline thanks her for believing in her. Tyler jokes about giving Caroline a hard time for sneaking out on him. She laughs, but begins to cry instead. He climbs in bed next to her to comfort her, as she says her father hates her.

File:Normal 237.jpg

Tyler and Caroline

Caroline and Bonnie arrive unexpectedly at Elena's. They catch up in the kitchen as Bonnie was away for the summer. Bonnie says her father's side of the family is boring, but Caroline says she would love a normal family after all she's been through. Elena's necklace then burns her and Bonnie, the spell giving off an electric current. At the latest Mystic Falls celebration, Caroline, Bonnie, and Elena are on the outskirts of the event as they try to figure out what's wrong with Elena's necklace.

While Bonnie reads up on an identification spell that she thinks will be useful, Caroline sees seizes the opportunity to question Elena about her motives with Damon and if she's switching Salvatores. Elena says her and Damon are searching for Stefan, nothing more. Caroline explains that if her father can't change her, there's no hope for Damon to change. Bonnie then tells them to look at the necklace, that is now floating in the air. That evening, Caroline and Elena continue to speculate about the necklace despite that they're amongst a group of supernatural-hating Founding Family members.

Caroline asks if Stefan ever told Elena where he got the necklace, and Elena says he never mentioned it but that she never asked either. Caroline and Elena rely on Bonnie to discover the truth. Alaric joins the girls as they head toward the door and Damon is mentioned again. Caroline then sees Bill and quickly leaves, unable to speak to him. Tyler finds Caroline relaxing on his bed, where she has been since seeing Bill at the party.

They start to kiss, but her phone rings and she answers it. Elena tells her there's an emergency. Caroline rushes to save Bill from Damon who is feeding on him. Caroline forces Bill to drink her blood to heal him. Caroline beats Damon in their fight and leaves with Bill. Caroline knows Elena is attracted to Damon and is annoyed when she won't admit it. Elena reveals she won't admit it because she isn't sure what it means. Bill thanks Caroline for saving him.

Caroline, Elena, Bonnie, and Tyler plan for Senior Prank Night. In a dark hallway, Tyler is trying to be romantic with Caroline but she brings up Matt, asking if he thinks he's okay. Tyler tells Caroline that Matt is struggling, but he is happy. Rebekah turns up, introduces herself as the new girl, and then attacks. Caroline wakes up on the floor and tries to figure out where she is while Rebekah talks about mobile phones.

Rebekah says that Tyler had his neck snapped by Klaus while Caroline unconscious is "dead-ish" and explains that he'll be a hybrid when he wakes up. When Tyler wakes up, Caroline and Rebekah tell him he is now a hybrid. Klaus arrives. Caroline tells Tyler not to drink the blood Klaus brings him, but he does. Tyler later assures Caroline that he's okay. Caroline thinks it's too good to be true but acts relieved.

File:Normal 148 hey.jpg

“Hey… HEY.”

Caroline, Elena, and Bonnie stand amongst a group of overly excited students outside school. It's their first day of senior year, but they don't look like they're looking forward to it. Caroline decides to accept everything that's happened and encourages Bonnie and Elena. Inside, Elena has just finished talking to Damon on the phone when she sees Caroline putting up fliers for the annual back-to-school bonfire. When Elena admits that she forgot about the bonfire, Caroline instantly begins to try to convince her to go before Elena says she's going anyway.

Tyler kisses Caroline in the middle of her conversation with Elena, and Caroline quickly realizes that something isn't right. Elena spots a blood stain on his shirt, and Caroline leads him into the bathroom. Elena checks the bathroom for eavesdroppers while Tyler explains himself: Rebekah gave him a blood bag. They go to Alaric's class. Stefan arrives, shocking everyone. Rebekah then arrives and takes a seat, too. Later, Tyler's on the football field whilst Caroline's on the sidelines engaging in cheer practice. She is no longer captain and she is no longer interested in cheerleading, either. Bonnie reveals she quit.

Rebekah arrives and Caroline is not okay with it, knowing Rebekah's up to no good. Rebekah teases Caroline, saying she's planning on taking her place. Caroline runs over to Tyler, stopping him from compelling his coach into letting them leave practice early so they can get drunk at the bonfire. She can't change his mind. Caroline makes sure the old Forbes jail cell is ready for Stefan. Tyler arrives late. Tyler refuses to get to Carol's vervain supply because of his loyalty to Klaus, so Damon stabs him and knocks him out.

Damon tells Caroline that Tyler is loyal to Klaus because Klaus sired him. He tells Caroline to get a new boyfriend when she asks how to fix it. Tyler wakes up to find Caroline with him. She tells him she brought him home. He asks what's wrong, and she tells him he's turned into the old him, the way he was before he was a werewolf. He apologizes, saying she brings out the best in him and he wouldn't be complete without her.

File:Normal 149 candles.jpg

Lighting Candles

Caroline and Bonnie assist with the decorations at the latest Mystic Falls community gathering. Bonnie tells Caroline about Jeremy seeing the ghosts of Vicki and Anna. Damon arrives, greeting them as "Blondie" and "Witchy." Damon tells Bonnie that when she sent Vicki back to the other side, Mason's ghost began haunting him. Later, we see Matt promises Bonnie that he hasn't seen Vicki since they sent her back. Caroline asks Bonnie why she's pinpointing Vicki in particular, and Bonnie explains that if Vicki isn't the culprit, there’s a much bigger problem brewing.

Matt agrees and asks to be let out of it. After Matt walks away, Bonnie drops her Grimoire and it randomly opens up to a specific page, which turns out to be a manifestation spell used to reveal ghosts. Later, Bonnie and Caroline are down in the basement of the old house where Bonnie brought Jeremy back to life. Caroline is concerned about the witches that used to haunt the place but Bonnie reassures her they're gone. As Caroline finishes lighting the last of the candles, Bonnie begins chanting. Caroline stands awkwardly and looks concerned when a breeze begins, freaking her out.

Caroline tries to interrupt Bonnie but she continues and eventually they see Grams. Grams says hello to Caroline and then explains to Bonnie why all of the ghostly situations are occurring: Bonnie opened up the door to the other side when they sent Vicki back and an old witch on that side gave a free pass to anybody with unfinished business. Grams say that witches talk, even on the other side. Caroline's standing in the background smiling and trying not to disturb the moment. Caroline later fills Elena in on the phone about what Grams said.

The key to everything is Elena's necklace but this time Bonnie has to destroy it. Elena says she walked in on Jeremy and Anna kissing. Later, Caroline calls Elena again because the necklace isn't where Damon told them it would be and they can't contact him. Elena disregards her worries because she has another plan in mind and tells Caroline to stop Bonnie from sending the ghosts back, for now. Elena tells Caroline that Lexi is helping Stefan again. Bonnie overhears and asks Caroline. Caroline eventually relents and tells Bonnie about Jeremy and Anna's kiss. Caroline assures Bonnie that they will find the necklace.

They begin searching Damon's room. Jeremy calls Bonnie, and Caroline answers it. Jeremy tells Caroline that the ghosts of the tomb vampires killed Tobias Fell and to be careful as her family will be next. Caroline suggests Anna took the necklace but Jeremy defends her. Caroline warns him to be careful before he loses everything. Caroline and Bonnie are on their way to the witch house when they see that something isn't right. Caroline spots Carol's car on the sidewalk. Frederick's ghost walks in front of Bonnie's car, causing her to come to a sudden halt. The rest of the tomb vampires' ghosts appear, and Caroline decides to do something. Caroline tells Bonnie to drive off as she gets out, and to send them all back to the other side. She fights the ghosts off until they're sent back to the other side, leaving Caroline alone on the street.

File:Normal 008 homecoming.jpg


File:Normal 302.jpg

Caroline broke up with Tyler.

Caroline is with Tyler at school and they're working on decorations for the upcoming Homecoming dance. Tyler asks if they can leave to go and eat. Caroline realizes Tyler wants to feed on people. He tells her Rebekah has some friends who "enjoy being fed on," and he enjoys it. He tells her Matt is going to the dance with Rebekah that night. Caroline is visibly jealous. Tyler assures her if he's sired to anyone, it's her. That night, the gym is flooded so the dance is cancelled, annoying Caroline.

Tyler throws a party at his house to compensate. Caroline is confused about how Tyler managed to do all of this so quickly. Caroline finds Elena and Matt and tells them that Klaus is there, but becomes suspicious when they don't act that surprised. Later, Tyler confronts her about plans to kill Klaus and doesn't believe Caroline when she says she isn't involved in any scheme to kill him. Caroline says he can't be trusted anymore but he stabs her with vervain. Later, Matt checks Caroline's pulse and questions Tyler on what happened.

Tyler tells Matt to get Caroline away from there, but Matt wants to know what's happening. Tyler tells Matt all he does is to protect Caroline. Tyler tells Matt to get Caroline and anyone else he cares about away from the party quickly and leaves. Caroline wakes up in her room. Tyler appears and asks if she's okay, apologizing, but she says she's past forgiveness. Tyler asks her if she would have left if she had known that the others were trying to take down Klaus. Caroline asks how they're meant to be together if Tyler is sired to Klaus, but he says he's okay with it. Tyler begs Caroline not to turn her back on him.

File:Caroline's birthday.png

Caroline about to blow the candles on the cake.

As Caroline's driving to school, she sees Tyler who is standing near her car; she's not happy to have to face him. She tells him she can't talk to him but asks what he's doing about Klaus. He says he isn't doing anything and he can't put her first, as much as he wants to. He gives Caroline a birthday present and leaves. She finds his present is a silver charm bracelet. As she returns home, she isn't any happier. She's surprised with an enthusiastic Elena, Bonnie, and Matt wishing her a happy birthday. Elena explains that because Caroline ditched school she missed out on their "birthday work of art" displayed on her locker, so they're bringing the party to her. Caroline doesn't try to hide how disinterested she is.

Caroline points out she's frozen and is never going to be eighteen. Bonnie, Elena, Caroline, and Matt walk into a strange old building that's in the middle of the woods. Elena says that instead of a birthday, Caroline needs a funeral in order to mourn her old life and move on. Elena, Matt, and Bonnie list Caroline's human qualities and accomplishments. Bonnie uses her powers to light the candles on Caroline's cake and Elena asks Caroline to make a wish. Later, Elena, Bonnie, Matt, and Caroline are still held up in the creepy building. Caroline is busy on her phone and Elena is skeptical about what she's doing.

Caroline admits that she might have text messaged Tyler. Bonnie defends Caroline and turns on Elena, mad at her for having Damon compel Jeremy to leave town. Matt intervenes and Bonnie leaves. Caroline, Elena, and Matt are laughing at something when Tyler arrives. Tyler apologizes, saying that he doesn't mean to crash the party. Matt doesn't seem impressed that Tyler's there, but Caroline jumps up immediately and is ready to talk to him. Matt says that he just wants Caroline to be happy. In the woods, Tyler is attempting to take back everything that he said that morning to Caroline. He says that he refuses to let Klaus control him and then he tells her that he loves her.

They begin kissing, and Tyler bites Caroline. Tyler runs away and Caroline is left to panic and suffer alone as his bite is killing her. Matt knocks on Caroline's door as he yells for Elizabeth. He hurriedly carries Caroline into her house and lays her down, all the while trying to tell Elizabeth what he thinks happened. Caroline is in a horrible state and it looks like her bite has already worsened immensely. Klaus shows up, saying that he's there to help but Matt is angry; Elizabeth ends up inviting him in because she had no other option.

Caroline is resting when Klaus makes his appearance. He enters Caroline's room, after which she questions whether or not he'd come to kill her. He asks her if she thinks that low of him to kill her on her birthday, to which she responds with a yes. He checks her bite and apologizes, telling her that she was simply collateral damage and that it was nothing personal. He says he loves birthdays but Caroline rebuffs his comment, rhetorically asking him if he was a billion years old. He tells her that she'd have to adjust her perception of time due to the fact that she is now a vampire, and to celebrate that she is no longer bound by trivial human conventions.

He explains to her that with her immortality as a vampire she is free but Caroline disagrees, stating that she is dying instead. Klaus tells her that he could let her die if she truly believed that her existence had no meaning, admitting that he had thought about it several times himself. He then explains to her that the rest of the world is waiting for her, filled with great cities, art, music, and genuine beauty, convincing her to want to stay alive. Klaus then gives her his blood. Caroline wakes up the next morning, having been cured by Klaus' blood. Klaus also left her a bracelet as a birthday gift.


Caroline reaction of seeing Tyler transform

Caroline comes home to find Tyler in her living room. He wants to apologize and says thinks he has a solution for learning to resist Klaus' power over him. He called Bill, who's there now and willing to help teach him how to resist his sire bond since he knows how to resist compulsion. Bill attaches Tyler to chains in the dungeon and explains that the sire bond comes from feeling a debt. Tyler has to make himself turn as then he won't feel like he owes Klaus anything for taking that away. Tyler is willing to give it a try to have his freedom.


Caroline meets Meredith

Caroline's at the hospital as she waits to check in on Bill after Tyler attacked him. Meredith, who gave Bill the blood that healed him, is unhappy that Bill is ungrateful. She apologizes to Caroline for her attitude. Caroline is hurt to know that Bill was discharged the previous night. She meets Elena down the hall and says Meredith is nice but intense. Caroline calls Bill but hears his phone ringing in a nearby room. Caroline and Elena enter the room and find Bill's dead body.

Elena remembers he has vampire blood in his system just as he wakes up. Caroline looks out for Bill but once he says he's not going to feed, she's flooded with horror. He says he wants to die. At Caroline's house, Caroline suggests to Elena that Klaus may have made Tyler kill Bill, but Elena doubts it. Caroline says she will force her father to feed, but Elena reminds her it isn't his choice. Caroline begins to cry as Matt shows up and hugs her. Later, Caroline suggests calling Stephen but Bill says to do it once he's dead. Bill assures Caroline he loves her and she begs him to stay, but he tells her it would be wrong. Bill dies.

Klaus sends Caroline a dress and invites her to the ball that Esther has arranged. She refuses to go but when she sees Rebekah inviting Matt, she changes her mind. She tries to find a dress in her wardrobe that she likes more than the one Klaus gave her before relenting and wearing the dress and his bracelet to the ball. Klaus notices her immediately but his greeting is rebuffed as she rushes to find a drink instead.
File:Caroline dancing seriosly.jpg

Caroline dances with Klaus at the Original ball

Klaus partners her during the Waltz but she spends a lot of time staring over at Matt and Rebekah whilst giving an excuse of being unprepared as the reason she is wearing his gown. Klaus asks Caroline why she is wearing his bracelet as well. Before she can reply, he compliments her dancing abilities and she declares that she is Miss Mystic Falls and Klaus says he knows. Later, Klaus approaches Caroline outside whilst she is watching a horse and they discuss their relationships with their late fathers.

Klaus relays a story of how one of his horses was once killed as his father tried to kill him. Caroline tells him that she is a good person and likes people and people like her, unlike him. She leaves. He also shows her his collection of art, revealing that he is also an amateur artist. Caroline is surprised to learn that the beautiful drawings were done by him. He offers to take her to see the beauty of the world.

Caroline asks what its like to get whatever he wants at a snap of his fingers and comes to the conclusion that this is why he creates hybrids. Klaus tells her to stop making assumptions and to leave. She continues to voice her realization that the reason he does this is because he father never loved him and so he believes that no one else would either. She tells him the reason he doesn't connect with people is because he doesn't try. Caroline walks away in anger. When Caroline returns home, Klaus has left her another gift on her bed. Caroline discovers that he has drawn a portrait of her with the horse and thanked her for being so honest with him.


"Are you serious? Take a hint"

Damon came up with a plan to try and get Elena out of danger by trying to find a loophole. If one were to stab an Original, all four would fall. Caroline agrees to distract Klaus who is with Kol at the Grill. After Caroline rejects the drink he offers her and leaves, Klaus thinks Kol is challenging him to win her over, so follows her, almost getting hit by a car. Klaus says he's over their "spat" and tries to charm her into talking. They sit together and she says she's too smart to be seduced by him, but he says, "Well, that's why I like you." He feels it when Alaric stabs Kol and demands Caroline tell him what she did, but she insists she did nothing as he leaves to find Kol.

Caroline begins to help Abby with her transformation. She encourages Jamie to help with Abby. Later, she sees Abby packing as she has decided to leave so that she won't hurt anyone else. Caroline, along with Elena and Matt, meets up with Damon and Stefan, discovering a way to kill Klaus. Caroline asks Matt to keep Rebekah occupied because she didn't want her or Klaus to know that Tyler has returned.


"Why do you always have to prove you're the alpha male?!"

Caroline prepares the 70's dance. Tyler shows up, determined to make Caroline make a decision regarding them, and he and Caroline dance together until Klaus arrives. Tyler steps aside to prevent Klaus from knowing he has broken his sire bond. Klaus informs Caroline he is leaving and asks her to come but she refuses, infuriating Klaus, who leaves. Stefan tells Caroline and Tyler that Esther is at the old cemetery and Matt and Jeremy are going there. Tyler confesses his anger in letting Caroline dance with Klaus before Caroline tells him he loves her.


Caroline is tortured by Alaric.

Alaric keeps Caroline hostage to lure Elena to the school. He tortures her by pushing pencils into her hands and wrapping a vervain-soaked piece of cloth around her mouth. Elena eventually comes and frees Caroline from Alaric. Caroline attends the small victory party with Tyler, Bonnie, Matt, and Jeremy where they toast to the loss of Klaus.


Elizabeth and Carol tell Caroline and Tyler to leave the town, as Alaric told the council that they are supernatural creatures. They agree to leave and make plans to meet in the Lockwood cellar. Later, Caroline goes to find Tyler, crying because Klaus is assumed dead and Tyler will die as well, being sired to him. Unknown to Caroline, Tyler is being possessed by Klaus so, while Caroline is crying to Tyler and saying her goodbyes, it is really Klaus. He tells her "You're strong, and you have a beautiful future ahead of you." They then kiss. Klaus then pretends to be dying, and makes Caroline leave by starting to turn into a wolf. As Caroline leaves, she is heartbroken and devastated.


Caroline with Matt

In Growing Pains, Caroline is seen with Matt in his hospital room as she is still heartbroken over the loss of Tyler. She tries to figure out what she's gonna do and where she's gonna go because her and Tyler planned on going to Florida. When back at her house, getting ready to leave, she is attacked by Pastor's men. She and Rebekah are in a van, trapped by the Town Council. They get in an accident with a police car and Klaus saves Caroline and leaves Rebekah behind.


Tyler/Klaus and Caroline in the woods

Tyler/Klaus and Caroline are making out in the woods but then stop when he calls her "love" and she realizes that it’s not Tyler. She slaps him and he responds by pointing out that he did just save her. But she’s not having it. “You do one semi-decent thing and now you’re my hero?” she says. He then tells her he will take her up on her offer of hot hybrid vampire sex.

Caroline goes with Klaus to Bonnie and Jeremy to bring back Tyler. When Bonnie refuses to do so, Klaus starts to rip Tyler's heart out with his fingers, which forces Bonnie to do the spell. Tyler is successfully returned to his body. When Bonnie starts crying what she has done (she watched her Grams' be tortured), Caroline is there to assure her that they are all right there.

In Memorial, Caroline and Tyler are having sex. The doorbell rings and Tyler goes downstairs. Caroline then hears gunshots (Connor shoots Tyler with wooden bullets) and goes to investigate. Tyler and Caroline are at the Salvatore Boarding House, with Stefan removing the wooden bullets from Tyler. They see that there are etchings in the bullets, too. Later, at Pastor Young's and all the other Council members' funeral, she is seen seated with Tyler. When Stefan asks what Tyler is doing there, Tyler says he is showing his respect for the Council members, and Caroline puts in that she would rip Connor's head off if he hurt Tyler. Tyler gives a speech about teamwork and Connor shoots Tyler in front of everyone. Caroline removes the bullets and Tyler remarks how he's going to kill Connor.


Caroline in Memorial

Later, Elena searches for April, who has been attacked by Connor, and finds her. Her bloodlust takes over, however, and she attacks April. Luckily, Caroline stops Elena from killing April and heals April with her blood. Caroline tells Elena to compel April, and she does so.

Caroline is last seen lighting a lantern for the one she lost. She says her father's name (and Tyler's dad) and she, along with her friends, watch as their lanterns fly into the night sky.

In The Rager, Caroline is first seen with Stefan and Elena outside the Mystic Falls High School. Caroline asks Stefan if Elena seems a little off balance to him, and Stefan says she's channeling all her emotions into rage and that he used to do it too, as a ripper. Caroline then says that Stefan is good at it, and that he saved her life and now he's saving Elena's. She also says he should write a book and go on the View.

Caroline goes to the Lockwood Mansion, and Tyler tries to prevent her from entering, as his werewolf friend Hayley is there, and Caroline doesn't know about Hayley. Caroline is hurt by Tyler and leaves. Later on, at the Salvatore Boarding House, Stefan calls Caroline and asks her if she remembers what she was like before she turned. Stefan says that Caroline is good at being a vampire, to which she replies, that she's only good at it because of him. Caroline also tells Stefan to come to her whenever he wants and that she won't let him lose control.


Caroline meets Hayley

In The Killer, Caroline is at the Lockwood Mansion, informing that her mother has squad cars blocking the street. This is because Connor has hostages at the Mystic Grill - Matt, Jeremy and April. She also first meets Hayley there. She finds out that Hayley has been staying there for the past few days, and that she's Tyler's friend. When Hayley and Tyler comfort each other over the death of their hybrid friend Dean, Caroline wants to know the truth. The truth is that Tyler and Hayley plan to help the other hybrids break their sire bonds to Klaus.

In We All Go a Little Mad Sometimes, Caroline brings over Tyler's belongings to his mansion, and he says that now isn't a good time. Klaus leaves (not before speaking to Caroline) and Caroline asks whether Tyler and Hayley think he bought it. Tyler compliments that the two girls are good liars and kisses Caroline.


Caroline with Klaus at the bar

Caroline later tries to get Klaus to give Elena up, but it doesn't work, as he says Elena needs his help. Klaus says that if Tyler were still sired to him, he would have never let him hurt her. He offers Caroline a drink, which she accepts. Stefan texts her that he lost Elena. Caroline then tells Klaus she came to distract him so Stefan could rescue Elena, and not only that, but he lost her. Klaus leaves the Grill, but Caroline stops him, saying that they found out a way to stop the hallucinations.



Later, Caroline finds Tyler sitting on a couch with Hayley, paying their respects to their friend Chris, a hybrid. Caroline says that they didn't have a choice and they had help their friend. Tyler says that they helped their friend by handing over another friend. Caroline begins to say that Chris wasn't their friend, but Tyler says that Chris was. He asks how did she manage to get Klaus to agree to give up one of his hybrids. Caroline reveals that she agreed to go on a date with him and that she thought it would help keep up the ruse between him and Hayley. Tyler angrily smashes his glass against the wall, and Hayley wakes up, asking what's going on. Tyler says that nothing is going on and that they are only celebrating the life of a fallen friend. Caroline looks on with a hurt look on her face.


Caroline and Klaus talking

In My Brother's Keeper, Caroline is first seen talking to Stefan on the phone, talking to him about his break-up with Elena. Caroline says Elena can't have feelings for Damon since he's Damon and will shake some sense into her head. When talking to Elena, Professor Shane walks up to them and tells them that he's lost. Elena and Caroline feel uneasy about the Professor and continue to rearrange flowers.

Klaus walks up to Caroline and asks her at what time should he pick her up. Caroline says "a quarter to never" and tells Klaus that by a date, she meant a movie. Caroline finally budges and she tells Klaus to pick her up a 2 P.M. and not to buy her a corsage. Caroline and Elena later help April pick out a dress, with Caroline and Elena agreeing that April wear the blue one. Damon enters and Caroline closes the door on Damon, but he opens it. Damon tells April to wear the red dress and Caroline objects, but Elena picks the red one along with Damon. Caroline asks her what happened when she said she clearly didn't like the red one. Elena leaves to talk to Damon, leaving Caroline confused.

File:TVD 407x11.jpg

Caroline at the Miss Mystic Falls Pageant

At the pageant, Caroline meets with Klaus, stating that he's perfect and that she can't even look at him. Caroline and Klaus catch sight of Tyler, with Hayley as his date, arriving at the event and she seems hurt. Caroline says, "Let's just get this day over with" and introduces the Mystic Court. When it's April's turn and Jeremy, her escort, doesn't show, Caroline seems worried.

At this, Caroline finds Elena and asks her where Jeremy is. Elena calls him, but he isn't picking up. When Damon tells her to calm down, Elena agrees, and Caroline gets angry, telling her that Damon is never right and how can she not see that he is manipulative and sneaky. A small argument happens between the two and Klaus tells her that she's making a scene. Caroline asks how did she become the bad guy and Klaus says that he'll tell her all about being the bad guy.

Caroline and Klaus walk to the pond and talk about Elena and Damon. Klaus tells her that it will all make sense eventually. Klaus pours her a glass of champagne and Caroline asks Klaus whether he thought about being human again. Then, Klaus opens a paper which is Caroline's Miss Mystic application. Caroline tries to snatch the paper, unsuccessfully and is frustrated with Klaus. Caroline then laughs and continues to drink her champagne, while Tyler is watching them.

When Klaus and Caroline walk back to the Lockwood mansion, Klaus tells her that he never did answer her question if he thought about being human again. He tells her that when a hummingbird appeared in front of him, that's when he thought about being human again.
File:Caroline 4x07.jpg

Caroline talking to Klaus

Later, Caroline is shown to be with Stefan, sharing a conversation on Elena and Damon. A few moments later, Caroline tells Stefan that Tyler almost has all of Klaus' hybrids un-sired. Then, Caroline comes to a sudden realization. She states that it's rare, but it could happen and that it could be one of those times. Stefan catches on to what Caroline is saying - that Elena is sired to Damon.

In We'll Always Have Bourbon Street, Elena invites her and Bonnie to the Salvatore Boarding House to have a girls' night. Caroline, who was told by Stefan, not to inform Elena on her being sired to Damon until they know it for sure. It's proven true when Elena drinks from a blood bag and is able to keep it down. Elena tells her friends that Damon suggested she try it again and it worked. A few moments later, when Elena gets a text from Damon saying he's with Stefan, Caroline asks that they check-in text now and Elena asks her if Caroline would mind laying off on all the hate.

File:399207 435700589817781 122115571 n.png

Kim tortures Caroline.

Caroline and Elena later get into an argument about Damon and Elena tells Bonnie and Caroline that she thinks she's falling in love with Damon. Caroline then blurts out that she isn't falling in love with Damon and that's she sired to him. Angry at this, Elena orders her friends to leave. When she opens the door, she sees Kimberley and Adrian, two hybrids, standing at the door and they take Caroline to a stable area, where they torture her. Tyler, who is in a fight with Kimberley for alpha of the pack, luckily finds Kimberley with the other hybrids. Tyler takes down Kim, however and Caroline is freed.

Sometime later, Caroline apologizes to Elena and the two hug. Caroline is last shown with Stefan, talking about Elena and Damon. Stefan states that he thinks Damon loves Elena as much as he does and that he can't be selfish with her anymore.

In O Come, All Ye Faithful, Tyler and Hayley's plans for Klaus and the

Klaus talking to Caroline about his painting.

other hybrids commence and Hayley tells Tyler that she found a witch to desiccate Klaus. A heart needs to be stopped to desiccate Klaus, however, and Caroline finds out that Tyler has volunteered for the job. Caroline comes up with the idea of putting Klaus in Rebekah's body and burying the both of them. Hayley, however, is not of board with the plan since it interferes with the plan she and Atticus Shane have planned, so Hayley snaps Caroline's neck.
File:Tumblr mf1kefQPpm1rcnwiso3 1280.jpg

Caroline is impressed with Klaus' painting

April Young later finds Caroline stuffed in the bathroom stall and freaks out since Caroline doesn't have a pulse, calling for someone to help. Just as she is going to leave to find someone to help her, Caroline appears in front of her and calls Stefan, with a confused April before her. Caroline compels April to forget what she saw and leave, but April isn't compelled thanks to the vervain bracelet Jeremy gave her. Caroline comes across Matt, who tells her April can't be compelled. Lastly, Caroline informs Stefan that Damon and Elena are together. She looks on as Stefan takes his anger out at this news.

After Carol Lockwood's Memorial, Stefan called Caroline from the Grill, where he was having a one-man-multiple-bourbon pity party now that he knows Damon slept with Elena. Caroline told him Tyler is spiraling and he takes priority now. Rebekah called Stefan and told him she was holding Elena hostage at the high school, and he phoned Caroline. The plan was for Stefan to distract Rebekah while Caroline used the white oak stake on her, but Rebekah had already disarmed Caroline by the time Stefan found her.

File:TVD410B 0180b.jpg-453e31b3-t3.jpg


Elena, Caroline, and Stefan had all been compelled. The rules: they answer her questions honestly, no disobedience, and no one leaves. Rebekah needed a quick update on what she's missed. She couldn't understand why, if Stefan would do anything to save Elena, even take the cure himself so he could grow old and die with her, they were still vampires. Rebekah sensed that the reminder of Stefan's devotion to Elena made everyone comfortable, and Caroline finally blurted out that they'd broken up. This situation had to be perpetual teen Rebekah's dream. She demanded to know what had happened. "She slept with Damon," Stefan said. Elena glared at Caroline. Caroline could barely look at her.

Tyler arrived, and Rebekah told them all to stay in the building and not vamp run in the hallway. She compelled Tyler to turn into a werewolf. Now that she had Shane, she didn't need them. They were just competition, and whoever finds the cure first gets to decide how to use it. Later, she found Tyler in the gym, lying naked in the fetal position in front of his mother's makeshift memorial. She held him as he broke down and apologized. "This whole thing, this is all my fault," he said. "I should have saved her."


Klaus bites Caroline

During Into the Wild, Caroline showed up for the first time in weeks to ask Tyler to come home, but he insisted he’s going to spend every moment with Klaus until he can kill him. Klaus tried to say they were even -- Tyler’s mother’s dead, his brother’s dead -- so they should tell Bonnie to let him out. But Caroline, remembering Aunt Jenna was also among Klaus’ death toll, said she’d never help him and that he wasn't even worth the calories she burns talking to him. That’s when Klaus impaled her with the other end of a lamp, pulled her to him, and bit her. “Now that was definitely worth the calories,” Klaus says after he drops her body on the floor.

Later, Klaus made Tyler beg for him to give Caroline his blood to save her, and then he refused to do it even if Tyler became his slave again in exchange. Then Caroline told Tyler to get her out of there because she couldn't even look at Klaus. Eventually, Tyler came up with a plan: Knowing that Klaus does care about her, Tyler took her back to him so he’d have to watch her die if he didn't want to help her.


Klaus cures Caroline

She asked Klaus how he could do this to her and Tyler. He said it’s because he’s pure evil. She said no, it’s because he’s hurt -- which means there’s still a part of his humanity left. She said she’s seen it, and she’s caught herself wishing she could forget all the horrible things he’s done. “I know that you’re in love with me,” she said. “And anybody capable of love is capable of being saved.” Klaus almost broke down in tears and told her she was hallucinating. She took her final breaths, and he cured her by feeding his blood.

Caroline speaking to Elena

In Down the Rabbit Hole, Caroline got a phone call from Elena that she needs help getting sword from Klaus and came to know that Shane tricked them all. Caroline accepted that she can find the sword from Klaus' Attic as Klaus is under the Spell of Bonnie.

Caroline and Tyler later came with sword and discovered it has cryptex under its hilt. Caroline got Jeremy's tattoo pictures from Rebekah in order to solve the puzzle in the sword and she said Klaus can help if he wants. Klaus said that magic of Internet wont be enough to solve the cryptex. Caroline didn't understand meaning from Hunter's mark and the language written means. Later Klaus helped her by translating in Aramaic Language which neither Tyler or Caroline understood.


You prefer the girl you are now.

Caroline told Rebekah by speaker that she send the details and pictures of Cryptex to her e-mail. But Klaus said to Rebekah that he helped them and told the told the Translation of Cryptex in English that there is only one dosage of Cure.

Later, Caroline begged Klaus for Tyler's freedom and said for her to stop looking for Tyler. Caroline said only one dose is there, so it's not possible for her to have the cure.


Caroline and Tyler talking

Klaus asked if she gets it, whether she takes or not. Caroline didn't say anything and he said she prefers the girl who is now: strong, ageless, fearless vampire. Klaus said her Tyler has to leave town out if his sight, far away from him.

Tyler shared a last moment with Caroline outdoor and Tyler said she has to forget everything about how they met in love and every romantic episodes in her life until they find a way. She cried and kissed for last time and said until they figure a way out of this and Tyler with no option left Mystic Falls.

Klaus said he spared his life because of Caroline and he should never ask for mercy again. He was kind by letting Tyler live instead of ripping his heart out.


Stefan and Caroline

In Stand By Me, Caroline was cleaning Kol's burnt mark when she got shock to see Stefan carrying Jeremy's body home. Caroline said Elena knew that he is dead and she has to accept the truth. Stefan said she is upset and is in denial about his death. Caroline later left a voice mail to Tyler telling him something happened and to call her. Caroline said they need to arrange a cover story and a good funeral for him, she would call Matt, her mom, and Dr Meredith. She came to a halt when she sensed a weird smell and Stefan said Jeremy's body started to decompose.

Caroline was seen later seen when Elena became upset and was about to burn the house. Caroline freaked out on Elena's emotion and became scared of her attitude. Caroline also felt deep grief when she saw Elena mourning overJeremy's death and said she had no one left in the house.

Caroline told Tyler by voice mail that Jeremy died and to call her. She later joined by missing Bonnie and met Matt, Elena in the dining room. Bonnie told them she could bring Jeremy back by completing Expression Triangle to get enough power. Bonnie told them that she can drop the veil between this side and Other Side and bring all supernatural creatures from dead. Caroline and Matt were against it and said all monsters would be back for revenge.

In Bring It On, Caroline is shown at t

Caroline with Stefan at the party.

he Salvatore Boarding House because their showers are vervain-free. She thinks Elena should come back to school and Elena wants back in the cheerleading squad. Caroline realizes that since Damon turned off Elena's humanity, the sire bond that connected Damon to Elena is no longer in effect. At the cheerleading competitions, Caroline sees that Elena is feeding on the competition and forbids her to compete but Elena doesn't listen to her. During the routine, she fails to catch Caroline, who falls with a major thud on the pad, it's enough to make Stefan and Caroline suspicious of this new Gilbert. Later, Elena throws a big party at the Salvatore house and Caroline is happy to see Elena having fun. While Caroline is dancing with Stefan, Elena tells them they look good together. Then a battle in the woods between new Elena and Caroline, after Elena hurt her mother. Elena tells Caroline that she should turn off her humanity as well so she would stop whining about how Tyler left and won't have to feel guilty about the dirty thoughts she has of Klaus. Caroline whom has been a vampire for a year was easily outbeaten by Elena whom recently became a vampire and had training from Alaric. Elena nearly killed her until Stefan and Damon saved her. Stefan told Caroline that they can't give up on Elena.

Caroline and Klaus

In Because the Night, Klaus interrupted Caroline’s clean-up duty, and after she told him she can hate him for driving Tyler away even if Tyler was plotting to kill him, Stefan revealed he’d asked Klaus over because they need his help to find Silas. Klaus got an update on Silas from Caroline and Stefan. Silas wants to die and be reunited with his one true love. But he’s supernatural, so if he takes the cure and dies, he gets stuck in the other side. If he destroys the other side all together, he can take the cure, die, and pass on. But in destroying the other side, every dead supernatural being will return to our side. Klaus cares because he has a lot of enemies he’s killed over the years. Stefan said they have to find Silas before he can complete the third massacre. While searching professor Shane’s office, Caroline, Klaus, and Stefan traded barbs. Klaus compared the fun he used to have with No

Caroline staring at Klaus.

Humanity Stefan to that which Damon must be having with No Humanity Elena in New York. Stefan said Damon knew what he was doing – meaning staying on target and not sleeping with Elena. And Klaus said not to underestimate the allure of darkness: Even the purest hearts are drawn to it, referring to Caroline. Caroline found a book that revealed that the third sacrifice, following a dozen humans and a dozen demons, had to be a dozen witches. Caroline was worried that Bonnie would be one of the dozen. No, she’s the one who has to endure the witches fighting back, channeling each other one by one using spirit magic until they’re all linked as one, and then kill them.

As Caroline and Klaus flirted over geometry while trying to pinpoint where the third massacre would take place in the Expression Triangle, Stefan had tried to get a hold of Bonnie and got her dad instead. Stefan figured out Silas was with her. In the woods, Stefan went in one direction and Klaus and Caroline went in the other. Klaus and Caroline went at it again, and Klaus asked “So you’ve never felt the attraction that comes when someone who’s capable of doing terrible things, for some reason, cares only about you?” Caroline said she did once, when she thought he was worth it. But it turns out some people can’t be fixed: “People who do terrible things are just terrible people.” Klaus looked so wounded. They were in the wrong spot, which meant it was Stefan who showed up and told the witch working on Bonnie that Silas had brainwashed her to kill them. The witch took out a blade and prepared to stab Bonnie then, because if Silas has her she’s lost. Stefan tried to stop her, and she gave him a massive headache. Klaus and Caroline appeared, and Klaus said they couldn’t stop the witch now because she’s linked to the others. Caroline ran, even as Klaus shouted, “No!,” and made the witch stab herself. All the witches fell, one at a time. “The triangle is complete,” a white-eyed Bonnie said.

File:Tvd4x17Carolinekills Aja.jpg

Caroline kills Aja

The next day, Klaus dug 12 graves for the 12 witches. Klaus said Caroline could tell herself she did it to save her best friend, but the math doesn’t lie: One life lost is better than 12. It sunk in: “I just killed 12 people,” she said, her face appropriately horrified. It looked like he was going to help her through compulsion. “You look like you’re in need of comfort,” he said. Then he paused. “Why don’t you find someone less terrible that you can relate to?” Then Caroline left.


Caroline looks concerned.

In American Gothic, when Caroline gets a bunch of calls from Klaus, she goes to his mansion and finds him suffering. he begs her to take the shard of white oak out of his back but doesn't have considerably more luck than he had with Caroline(Silas). She says she'll do it -- if he promises to let Tyler come back to town. And, of course, doesn't kill him. Klaus does not like these terms one bit. rightly points out that Klaus gets in his own way, and she's not wrong at all.

Caroline tries to be a good friend and carves up Klaus' back, only for him to realize he wasn't really in pain -- that was just Silas' mind control. Klaus still thanks Caroline for helping him, because it was only through her distracting him. Caroline also accepts a friendship with Klaus.

File:Caroline Prom.JPG

Caroline at Prom.

Caroline gets ready for Prom with Bonnie helping her dress shopping. When Elena arrives at the store, Caroline and Bonnie leave then Elena steals the dress. When Caroline goes to Klaus for help, he laughed at Caroline but couldn't resist her when she smiled and begged him to find her a dress.

Caroline finally made her entrance in a beautiful beaded gown. Stefan swept Caroline away for a dance before she could really lay into Elena. She is, after all, supposed to be killing Elena with kindness, not simply killing her. Even though Caroline talked about how she should be there with Tyler, and Stefan admitted a part of him hasn't moved on from Elena, there was that lingering look when Caroline told him people eventually move on without even knowing it. Someday they meet someone new and fall in love again. Next, Caroline is standing around looking lonely and Damon stands next to her with his flask. She laments about how the prom sucks and this is not how she wants to finish off her senior year. He offers her an understanding glance and some booze. “Well, if anyone asks, I’ll be at the after party,” she states after taking a sip.


At Tyler's place, Caroline was prepping for the after party when Tyler showed up. Tyler and Caroline danced their last dance, and he thought he could sneak out before anyone saw him. Klaus was on the porch waiting to ask if it was worth it to give Caroline the night of her dreams. In the shared interest of not ruining Caroline's evening, Klaus gave Tyler a five-second head start.

In She's Come Undone, Caroline first appears in Elena’s imagination that Damon made Elena to see in order to turn her humanity back on. Caroline is asking her to help her with her valedictorian speech as they walk towards Damon.


Caroline visits Elena in the cellar.

Later, Caroline confronts Stefan about torturing Elena, telling him that she wants to see her. Caroline is not happy about the way Stefan and Damon want to deal with Elena, so she asks Stefan to let her talk to Elena. She is convinced that Elena can’t hurt her because she hasn’t fed for days and she’s weak. In the cellar, where Elena is kept, Stefan wishes Caroline good luck and then he leaves them alone. Caroline gives Elena small bottle of vervain-free blood, which Elena accepts and quickly drinks.

Caroline tells Elena that she doesn’t agree with Salvatore brothers torturing her. Of course, she wants Elena to turn her emotions back on, but she thinks that they shouldn’t make her suffer. She tells Elena that this emotionless version of her is not who she is. Elena asks Caroline: “What makes you such an expert on who I am?” while playing with the empty bottle. "Because we’ve been friends for ever,” in Caroline‘s answer. When Elena tells her that she should move on, Caroline grabs the rotting bottle, saying that she’s not giving up on Elena.

Elena is mocking Caroline about both, Tyler and Klaus, slipped town because of Caroline’s clinginess and about graduation. Elena says that Caroline will look pathetic in gown and cap, while her mother will be pretending how happy she is. Because Caroline cannot stand Elena’s mocking anymore, she stands up to leave, but Elena attack her from behind. Caroline snaps Elena’s neck. When Stefan comes to check up on them, she tells him to do whatever they need to do.

Caroline is still at Salvatore’s boarding house as she calls Bonnie. Matt comes to visit her and Caroline admits that she can’t stand Elena’s screaming. She also tells Matt, that she’d ordered him, herself and Elena caps and gowns. ”What the hell is she doing here?” Caroline asks Matt when they see Rebekah coming over. She wants Rebekah to leave, but the Original tells her that Matt is falling classes she she’s going to help him. Caroline is surprised by this and leaves to get her study guides.


Klaus is revealed to be Silas.

At the driveway, she is surprised by Klaus showing up. They go on a walk and talk about his departure from Mystic Falls. Klaus asks her to come to New Orleans with him, asking her what is she afraid of. Caroline answers that she’s afraid of him. As they continue the conversation, it is revealed that Klaus is Silas. Then he stabs her and she passes out.

When she wakes up in the woods, she runs towards the boarding house, where she runs into Matt, who is also revealed as Silas. He continues to haunt her in Klaus' body and in his own body as she runs to her car and calls her mom to stay at home and don’t let anyone inside. As Caroline gets home, she is calling Bonnie and Liz asks her what is going on. Because she doesn’t trust her, she asks her not to come any closer, “I don’t know if it’s really you,” Caroline says. Caroline calls her on the phone and her mom's phone start to ring.

Bonnie comes to Forbes house and Caroline thinks that Bonnie is Silas, but Bonnie sees Caroline’s mother is Silas and opens the locked door with magic. Bonnie asks Silas where is Caroline’s mother and his answer is that she is where Caroline has left her. Caroline runs to living room, where she finds her mother lying on the floor. Because her mom is dying, she grabs first aid kit and pulls out a syringe, which she stabs into her neck and také some of her blood and then she injects the blood into Elizabeth’s heart, but her mother isn’t waking up and Caroline is crying and begging her to come back. Then, Caroline’s mom comes back.

In The Walking Dead, Caroline had Elena helping her out with graduation announcements and she was completely agaisnt the idea of her killing Katherine.


Rebekah finds Caroline.

Elena had informed Caroline that she wouldn't apologize for all the horrible things she did to her to her because then she'd have to feel bad about every thing she'd done when her humanity was off. Then for most of the episode, Silas pretended to be Caroline so that he could find Bonnie. He had compelled her to cut her wrists. Later, Rebekah had found her. Matt and Rebekah tried to get her to stop but she wouldn't listen. Matt called Damon and gave him the update on Silas and Caroline. Caroline was still determined to cut off her wrists -- until Rebekah smacked her back to her senses. "BITCH!" Caroline said. "There is the Caroline I know and loathe," Rebekah said.

File:Tumblr mn1rp4MnaN1qfsiino4 250.gif

Caroline at graduation

In Graduation, Caroline talks to Bonnie saying that everyone should be present in the Graduation event. Caroline calls Klaus asking him to return to save Damon but does not respond. Caroline graduating with others.

Later Caroline, Elena and Stefan are attacked by the 12 witches that Caroline killed, but Klaus arrives and saves her and the others.

File:168285 410349385730450 2043352781 n.jpg

Klaus gives Caroline a kiss on the cheek

In the evening Klaus returns with Caroline and shows the invitation that she had sent for him. Klaus says he has a gift for her he thought give you a first class ticket to New Orleans but better would give something he knows she will accept and is Tyler's return to Mystic Falls. He says to her "He's your first love, I intend to be your last however long it takes" and then kisses her on the cheek, She leaves with Klaus, arm in arm, then he says "Let's get out of here, before twelve angry hybrids decide to pick a fight." He then escorts her home.

File:Caroline and Elena.jpg

Elena and Caroline in Whitmore College

In I Know What You Did Last Summer, Caroline is finishing packing up things she will take to Whitmore College, showing excitement about sharing a dorm room with Elena and speaking on the phone with Tyler.

She is also preparing everything for his arrival; since she assumes he will soon join them at college. Once they reach their dorm room and begin unpacking, they meet their new roommate Megan. This unexpected roommate bothers Caroline, since they were expecting Bonnie to be their roommate. Caroline later panics that Megan knows that they are vampires, when she has some of Megan's "protein water" that is laced with vervain. Caroline and Elena go to a party they were invited to, earlier by Jesse, and after not being able to enter the house unless invited, Elena receives a call from Megan who is screaming down the phone at them to help her. Elena and Caroline seem worried, but are unable to help her as she is still inside. Megan is thrown through a second floor window and lands right in front of them, dead. Upon inspection, they realize that she has a bite mark on her neck; there is another vampire at Whitmore College. Later, Caroline receives a voice mail from Tyler which tells her that he can't return to her because he is still helping a pack of wolves in Tennessee and she begins to cry sadly.

File:Caroline sad.png

Caroline listening Tyler's message

Hey, Caroline, look. I put a lot of thought into this and decided to defer school for now. This werewolf pack I'm helping, they need me. I know it's lame to do this over the phone, but I figure this way's harder for you to kill me. I'm really, really sorry, Care, but this is important. ” — Tyler to Caroline in a voice message

File:Elena and Caroline 5x2.png

Elena and Caroline

In True Lies, Caroline and Elena talk about the tribute the college students pay to Megan. She believes they are very dramatic. Elena asks her for Tyler to which she replies that he has deferring from enrolling and deferring from returning her phone calls, so she's deferring from having sex with him ever again. Elena tells her that Megan's death was dictated as a suicide and that the person who gave the dictum is covering about vampires, she also explains that this person is Professor Wes Maxfield and she changed some of their classes in order to be in the classes of that teacher.

Caroline at first didn't agree, because she wanted to be in intro to communication, get drunk and make bad decisions about boys, but Elena convinces her, saying that in any case they will have lots of fun.

File:Caroline and Elena 5x2...png

Caroline and Elena talk to Jesse

They arrive to the classroom of Micro Biology and meet Jesse, who immediately puts his attention on Caroline and asks her how she, who is only freshman is in that class, to which Caroline answers that she loves Micro Biology and that it is her favorite biology. Jesse asks if she's going to the bonfire in the night and Elena tells him that Caroline will be there.

At that time the teacher Wes Maxfield enters and starts his class. Elena tells Caroline that Jesse is cute, interested and most importantly, unlike Tyler, he's there. They continue talking, but are disrupted by the teacher and when they can't answer his questions, he kicks them out, as he knows exactly they are freshman and have no place in this class.

File:Damon and Caroline 5x2.png

Damon and Caroline

Later, Caroline is seen in a towel and Damon enters her room asking for Elena to which she responds that Elena might be at the bonfire, trying to find out more about Maxfield. Damon tells her that Silas is with Elena, posing as Stefan. Caroline then tells him about Elena's sense of foreboding regarding Stefan. Damon tells Caroline to get dressed so they can go look for Elena.

Elena and Jesse are talking when Damon arrives and hits Jesse, believing that he is working for Silas. Jesse faints and Caroline enters, upset with Damon for knocking Jesse out.

Later, Caroline puts ice on Jesse's face to help with his inflammation and apologizes for Damon's behavior, to which Jesse responds that it got them alone together and that's a win.

File:Caroline and Jesse 2 TVD 5x02.jpg

Caroline and Jesse flirt

He begins to flirt with her, but Caroline tells him she has a boyfriend. Jesse asks where is he, to which she responds he's supposed to be there at College with her and that he deferred a semester. They have a long conversation and she continues to hold the ice on his face.

The next day, Caroline says goodbye to Elena because Elena goes in search of Stefan. She also has learned of the death of Bonnie's father and tells Elena to let her know when she hears from Bonnie.

File:Caroline 2 TVD 5x04.jpg

Caroline is talking with Elena

In For Whom the Bell Tolls, Caroline is talking on the phone with Elena about Stefan and his loss of memory, Caroline tells her that she is studying hard to learn more about it and also to try to impress Dr. Maxfield, so she can get closer to him and find out why he covered up their roommate's murder by a vampire, and it's also possible that she has a study buddy, Jesse.

Caroline invited Jesse to the traditional Remembrance Day to honor the dead in Mystic Falls, they begin to study together. Jesse asks why she invited him, to which she replies that it's because he likes her, Jesse distracts her and takes the opportunity to kiss her, he then tells her he's sorry and they continue studying.

Caroline and Stefan

Later Caroline meets with Silas, disguised as Stefan, and he immediately recognizes her because he has seen photographs of her and believes she is much hotter in person, at the time Jesse arrives and Caroline tells him to leave her alone with Stefan. Stefan tells Jesse that he is hungry and he can smell his arm is bleeding, Caroline compels Jesse to hide. Caroline talks to Stefan and he asks if she has blood bags, Caroline nods and tells him to follow her and they will go to look for them but when she turns around, Stefan disappears.

Caroline finds Stefan attacking Jesse in the Crypt and she stops him, Stefan tells her that he has to go and he leaves the crypt. Jesse is bleeding and Caroline gives him her blood to heal him.


Caroline and Tyler

The next day, Caroline finds Stefan in the crypt and she is very sad because she has learned about the death of Bonnie, Stefan asks what happened to Bonnie but she says she doesn't want to talk about it because she doesn't want to cry, as she believes she will never stop. She tells him the only thing she feels is sadness and anger but Stefan then interrupts and says that she has him, he will always be there for her as she is always there for him, then he takes her hand.

Caroline, Elena, Damon and Matt later attend a funeral in Bonnie's honor with Jeremy. Caroline carries her cheerleading pom poms and cries inconsolably. Bonnie is speaking to her from the Other Side when Tyler suddenly appears. Caroline is happy and runs to hug him.

File:Caroline TVD 5x05.jpg

Caroline and Tyler

In Monster's Ball, Caroline is in college with Tyler. They are seen kissing and talking about her plans for Tyler at college. She adds that he is escorting her to the Whitmore historical ball and that they will dress as Bonnie and Clyde.

Caroline and Tyler arrive to the costume ball. They're talking when Stefan arrives, inviting Caroline to dance which she accepts. Later, Caroline and Tyler are dancing when she invites him to look elsewhere, but Tyler responds with negativity and she says she's just happy to have him by her side.

Caroline and Tyler at the party

Tyler stands alone on the stairs when Caroline arrives. He tells her that he can't be in college with her to which she replies that she understands and apologizes for having pressed him, but Tyler isn't only talking about college. The reason he returned is to say goodbye to her because he seeks revenge against Klaus for what he did to his mother and that he can't be with her because he feels like they're only together because Klaus granted them permission to be together.

File:Caroline 6 TVD 5x05.jpg

Caroline is crying for Tyler

Caroline is annoyed by this and leaves.

Later, Caroline returned to the dorm room where Tyler is packing his things. She asks to him not leave her, to stay with her, but he tells her that he can't. Caroline tells him that if he leaves, they break up definitely. Tyler takes the decision to abandon her although seemingly it isn't an easy decision for him, leaving Caroline shattered and sadly crying.


Caroline and Katherine

In Handle with Care, Caroline enters to her room in the college and meets with who she thinks is Elena fresh out of the shower, she tells her that she doesn't want to know if Tyler called, and they have to finish packing her things to leave college for the threats of professor Maxfield, Caroline realizes that Elena has no idea what she's talking about, then she takes her neck because she's actually Katherine not Elena. Katherine says that she needs a place to live, Caroline at first says no but Katherine tells her that she can help with the professor Maxfield and Caroline accepts.

Katherine, Wes, and Caroline.

Later, Professor Maxfield is in his laboratory conducting experiments with vampire blood. Caroline appears and Katherine takes the opportunity to inject a substance into his neck, which makes him faint. Caroline and Katherine planned drain the vervain out of his system to compel him to tell them everything he knows about vampires, Katherine takes over and begins to drain blood from the professor, he tells them that the secret society planned to invite Elena to belong the group but because of his suspicions that she was a vampire, they desisted, Katherine then takes the decision to impersonate Elena and Caroline stays with the professor.

File:Caroline 8 TVD 5x06.jpg

Caroline compels to the Professor Wes

Caroline is left alone with the professor and after that she has drained all the vervain in his system starts to question him about the secret society, he says the society is called Augustine, and how he became a member and that there is a vampire named Augustine who actually killed Megan, Diane Freeman then comes and Caroline compels him to forget everything that happened and everything that he knows about Elena and her, Caroline then leaves the laboratory.

File:Caroline meet nadia 5x7.png

Caroline meets Nadia

In Death and the Maiden, Caroline is at Whitmore College leaving a voice message to Jesse when she meets Nadia, they are talking and then comes Katherine, Nadia tries to tell Caroline that Katherine is her mother, but Katherine interrupts her and doesn't permit, Caroline leaves and leaves them alone.

Later Caroline interrupts the conversation between Nadia and Katherine and takes Katherine to the Salvatore mansion, since Qetsiyah needs her to perform the spell to resurrect Bonnie.

File:Elena-Bonnie- Caroline 5x7.png

Caroline, Elena and Bonnie

When Katherine is trying to clean her blood after being cut by Qetsiyah in her hand, Caroline offers her blood to cure Katherine, but Katherine can't drink vampire's blood. Caroline is present in the moment that Bonnie is resurrected, she is very happy and immediately reminds Bonnie will be her roommate in college.

Later in the college Caroline is preparing her room for Bonnie too, then Katherine arrives and understands that she has to go. When Nadia comes and starts talking to Katherine, Caroline discovers that Nadia is the daughter of Katherine and she is surprised about that.

File:Caroline and Elena,.,..png

Caroline and Elena

In Dead Man on Campus, Caroline and Elena are organizing a party at the University for the return of Bonnie and for all the good events recently as Silas is dead. They are very excited about this party until Caroline gets a call from Jesse, he tells her that he needs her immediately in his room, Caroline comes immediately to find Jesse attacking Aaron, she stops him and realizes that Jesse has been turned into a vampire.

Later Jesse tells Caroline everything that Wes made to ​​him, Caroline and Elena proposed to help Jesse in his new vampire life and teach him about his new skills.

File:Jesse and Caroline kiss.png

Caroline kiss to Jesse

At the party, Caroline talks to Elena about Damon, Elena tells to her that Damon is with Wes questioning him about his experiments, Caroline assures Elena that Damon is going kill to Wes, Elena disagrees but Caroline takes the opposite.

Later at the party Caroline is dancing with Jesse, they are talking about the last time that he kissed her, when Caroline takes the initiative and kisses him, they kiss passionately but Jesse bites her, she is surprised by this and Jesse leaves the party, leaving Caroline puzzled.

File:Caroline - Jesse 5x8.png

Caroline find Jesse dying

Caroline arrives at the laboratory of professor Maxfield and finds Jesse on the floor because he has received a stake through his heart by Elena because he was attacking Damon, Caroline is very sad about this and begs him to resist but Jesse dies in her arms, she is very upset with Elena for this.

Later Caroline is talking with Elena and she apologizes to her, Caroline tells Elena that being with Damon has changed her and that the day that she stops telling the truth about how she thinks about Damon, that will be the day they stop being best friends.

File:Caroline 5x9.,.,.gif

Caroline arrives to Salvatore's house

In The Cell, Katherine calls Caroline to ask for her help since she overheard some of Stefan's PTSD, Caroline arrives with the safe where Stefan was locked up for 3 months, she has the idea of ​​putting him back in his box but Stefan is terrified by this.

Caroline is reading a book in search for a help but it wasn't working very well, Stefan was still freaking out and Katherine was questioning whether or not Caroline and Stefan had ever hooked up.

Stefan and Caroline hug

Katherine had the idea of shutting herself in the box with him to help, meantime Caroline watched them. When Katherine and Stefan are getting closer and seemed like they were going to kiss, Caroline felt the need to open the box because she thought it was too quiet. Stefan got out of the box and he hinted to her that all was well and that it had worked, Caroline hugged him very happy.

At the Salvatore's house, Caroline is trying to move the safe all by herself. She yells for Stefan to help but he’s cleaning up the room he tore up earlier. After Caroline heard when Stefan and Katherine are kissing and she leaves a message to Elena to call immediately.

In 500 Years of Solitude, Caroline is very excited about the break up between Damon and Elena. She and Bonnie prepared a breakfast break for Elena but then receive a call from Stefan who informs them that Katherine is dying.

Later in the Salvatores' house, Caroline and the others are celebrating the imminent death of Katherine, when Nadia appears, she is looking for help to carry out a plan to save Katherine's life but nobody wants to help, so she threats them telling that she has kidnapped Matt who is locked in the safe where Stefan was.

Caroline, Bonnie, and Jeremy are looking for Matt but Caroline is worried about the issue of Stefan having sex with Katherine, then she finds out that Bonnie has had sex with Jeremy and she is excited about the idea, Jeremy and Bonnie are uncomfortable with the conversation and decide to separate and leave Caroline alone.

File:Klaroline gif 5x11.gif

Caroline and Klaus talking

Later in the forest, she continues to search for Matt and then Klaus appears, she is shocked but she behaves in an unfriendly way towards him. But Klaus keeps following her, he tells her that he has returned about the news about Katherine but Caroline isn't interested in the conversation because she has to keep looking for Matt and moves away with her vampire speed but Klaus returns to follow her. Klaus stops her and talks about Tyler, but knowing that Caroline cares for Tyler he tells her that he has decided not to kill him, also tells her that he has decided to abandon his revenge with Katherine just for her.

Klaus and Caroline talk and Caroline asks why these decisions and Klaus says that the only thing he wants is a confession, Caroline tells him that she has done nothing but he wants her to be honest with him about her feelings for him, Klaus tells her that if she is honest with him, he will leave and never return to Mystic Falls. Caroline makes him promise to never return and he does. Caroline goes on the defensive, saying that she's at college and planning a life for herself, and none of her dreams involve Klaus in the least.

File:Caroline and Klaus kiss 1x11.jpg

Caroline kisses Klaus

Klaus understands, but counters that she is still afraid of him. Caroline elaborates that she thinks it is wrong to feel this way, but finally gives into Klaus's demands and initiates a kiss. They have sex. Later in the evening Caroline, returns to the Salvatore house a little dirty, pulls leaves out of her hair. Jeremy, Bonnie and Matt have already returned and she tells them that she was lost, Bonnie begins to see some familiar faces from the Other Side: Vicki and Alaric. Then Tyler appears and just says hi to him.

File:Caroline cleaning in 5x12.png

Caroline cleaning

In The Devil Inside, Caroline is cleaning his room in the college and then enters Aaron asking for Elena, Caroline tells him that Elena isn't there but if he wants he can leave a message for her. Aaron leaves the message and then leaves the room.

Caroline and Stefan are talking on the cell about Damon and Elena because Stefan wants to help them to reconcile, Stefan wants Caroline's help but initially she refuses then Caroline feels guilty about sleeping with Klaus and for this reason she agrees to help Stefan with Damon and Elena relationship. As they find out that Elena doesn't answer Damon's calls she tries to find her herself, with no luck.

Later Caroline and Stefan arrive at the bar where Damon is, and Stefan tells him that she wants to help, Damon is surprised because he knows that Caroline hates him and in the end Damon tells Caroline that he doesn't need her help, so Stefan decides that they must better try with Elena again.


Katherine and Caroline

As Matt throws a welcome party for Tyler Caroline is there and meets Katherine in Elena's body. She calls Damon to come to the party so he could fix thing with Elena. She thinks that this is Elena and tells her that she did a bad thing and confesses about her affair with Klaus. Katherine pretends to care so that she would not understand that Elena is gone, but it is annoying her. When Katherine sees Tyler standing behind Caroline she takes opportunity to get rid off her and makes sure Tyler knows that Caroline slept with Klaus. Then Katherine leaves as Caroline is distracted by Tyler's reaction. She goes after him to ask his forgiveness and to explain , but he is furious with her and asks her to leave. She refuses but then Tyler threatens her with starting to turn into his wolf form. Stefan finds them and protects Caroline from the apparent attack of Tyler, Tyler tells Stefan that Caroline slept with Klaus, Stefan looks surprised at her and Caroline is embarrassed and leaves, Stefan hits Tyler for hurting Caroline saying that even when he is drunk she didn't deserve this behavior.
File:Caroline-Stefan-Tyler 5x12.png

Caroline looks embarrassed to Stefan

Later Caroline is in the Salvatore house, Stefan arrives and sits down to talk to her telling her that he had been looking for her everywhere, Caroline tells him that he is her friend and she needs to hear what he really thinks about her, but Stefan asks: "When you found out, about me and Katherine. What was your first thought?" She then replies:"Honestly, that..ugh." Stefan then answers:" See, and if you held that against me,you wouldn't been sitting here right now with me ,would you?" And then he starts joking, making Caroline smile, he also looks at her with a tender smile.

File:Bon-Kat-Care 5x13.png

Bonnie, Katherine and Caroline

In Total Eclipse of the Heart, Caroline, Bonnie and Katherine who is still posing as Elena, attend college classes, they walks into a classroom and Caroline is talking about a fresh start in her life as single. Caroline decides to move on from her relationships with Tyler and Klaus and asks Bonnie and Elena to attend Bitter Ball with her. she tells Bonnie to assist without the company of Jeremy what Bonnie accepts, the three agree to attend the dance.

When Katherine asks her advice about earrings to wear at the party, she tells her that she doesn't have to pretend with her because she knows that she is on edge because of the whole Tyler-Klaus thing and that she knows that she must be sad over her break up with Damon and that she doesn't have to come to the party if she doesn't want to. At that time, Katherine gets a call from Stefan and decides to invite him, Caroline looks at her curiously.

File:Fresh start.jpg

Caroline wanting a fresh start

At the Bitter Ball, Katherine and Caroline come to dance, then Stefan appears and Katherine invites him to dance. They are dancing and talking but Caroline interrupts them and Caroline tells him that Katherine promised to join her at the shredding station, Stefan agrees, so she and Katherine leave him alone. When they arrive at the shredding station, she pulls Katherine aside and destroys pictures of herself with Tyler and also the picture that Klaus drew for her, she says that she is making a decision and that these relationships are over. She advises Katherine to slow down her relationship with Stefan, because she thinks that perhaps she is just feeling bored or nostalgic and lonely and she will do the same,when Katherine seems bothered, Caroline tells her to forget everything she said, Katherine agrees and leaves. She arrives where Stefan is and asks him why he hasn't even told Elena what he has come to tell her, Stefan thinks she was listening to their conversation but she tells him that he came to the dance for his own free will and because something happening. Stefan tells her that Damon fell off the deep end and that he killed Aaron and as he saw Elena being happy, he couldn't tell her.
File:Caroline seeing Stefan and Katherine 5x13.png

Caroline seeing Stefan and Katherine

When Damon arrives with Bonnie and informs them that he has Jeremy as hostage and that if Bonnie doesn't help him to get a witch, Enzo will kill Jeremy. Caroline helps Bonnie to convince Liv, a witch, to help them by showing Liv that supernaturals exist. She, Damon and Bonnie accompany Liv to do the spell for the location of Doctor Wes and so to save Jeremy, when Liv fails doing the spell, Damon gives Enzo the permission to kill Jeremy, Caroline unsuccessfully tries to make him change his mind about hurting Jeremy. Later, Stefan and Katherine are embracing in the room of the college, Caroline arrives and interrupts them, Stefan and Caroline stare at each other.

Caroline talking with Stefan

In No Exit, Caroline is helping Stefan to find Damon and she arrives to the Salvatore's house, where is Stefan, they are following the traces left by Damon, killing vampires and tearing their heads. Stefan feels guilty for letting Damon go, but Caroline tries to cheer him up, saying that it isn't his fault and that no one could've stopped Damon from going after Wes the other night, Stefan says her that he has to find Damon.

They are talking and then arrives Katherine that is still in possession of Elena's body, she offers to accompany Stefan to find Damon, Caroline is surprised to see her but Katherine tells her that Stefan is helping her with studies. In that moment Caroline's phone rings.

File:Caroline in 1x14.jpg

Caroline answering Tyler's call

She answers and is Tyler asking her for Matt, because he hadn't heard from him and he tells her that Nadia has been compelling him to forget things. Caroline tells him that she will go to his home but Tyler disagrees, anyway Caroline says him that she thinks that they can figure that out together, she hangs up the phone. Katherine tells Caroline to go with her but Caroline disagrees telling her that she will deal with Damon. Katherine says that she will go to get some clothes and left them, Stefan reminds Caroline that Tyler hates her, giving to understand that she should not go to his house, Caroline tells him that everything will be fine and that they both have weird ex-friend situations, because of Tyler and Elena. Stefan tells her that he and Elena are just friends and that he only helped her with her ​​studies and that in the trip, whatever she's feeling, he is sure that he will be able to figure it out.

Caroline is sitting in the Lockwood's house, Tyler brings her a cup of coffee and Caroline says that she usually takes it with a little more awkward silence, they smile and he says to her that she doesn't take anything with silence. She asks him if Matt is missing and Tyler says that, he just hasn't been home for two days and he's not answering his phone. At that moment arrives Matt, he is surprised to see Caroline in the house, then Nadia appears in the front door, but she's barred from entering the house without permission, Matt then allowed her to enter.


Caroline talking with Tyler

Matt pours himself a glass of alcohol to explain where he has been for the last two days, Caroline doesn't believe his explanations and she attempts to find out if Nadia is compelling him on, she gets upset to see that Matt doesn't answer the truth, she reminds him when Nadia buried him alive.

Nadia interrupts and reminds Caroline that everyone knows that she isn't winning friends with her romantic choices, referring to Klaus, Tyler leaves the room upset and Caroline follows him, Caroline tells him that Nadia is just trying to get under their skin to distract them but Tyler tells her that what Matt did is easier to believe than other things that have happened, referring to her and Klaus having sex, Tyler ends the conversation and leaves the house through the front door.

Caroline attacking Nadia

Nadia goes to leave the Lockwood house, but Caroline blocks her exit way since Matt sent a message asking for her help, Matt doesn't remember anything and Caroline realizes that he is being compelled by Nadia, Nadia confirms and Caroline uses her vampire speed out and pushes Nadia up against the wall, choking her but Nadia fights back, forcing Caroline against the wall instead, suddenly, Tyler comes into the house and pulls Nadia off from Caroline. He gets her down onto the ground and holds her down, they wrestle around on the ground. Tyler starts snipping at her with his fangs ejected. She finally punches him in the face and speeds out of the house, Caroline looks surprised at Tyler.

Later, Tyler is picking up some papers that Nadia and Matt spilled on the floor, Caroline arrives and tells him that the only thing that Matt remembers is that he and Nadia slept together. Tyler stands up and they make eye contact, Caroline gives him a half smile, she is turning to leave but Tyler tells her that he never said sorry and that there are no excuses for that. Caroline tells him, that they can get past this together and that she just wants them to be good again, but Tyler clarifies that he still hasn't got over what she did with Klaus and that the idea about them being good, it's not gonna happen, Caroline tells him that she understands and she leaves.

Caroline and Stefan talking about Elena

Later, at the Salvatore's house, Caroline is standing in front of the fireplace, and Stefan arrives, Stefan asks her when she got there, she shakes a glass a little bit, causing the ice cubes to jingle, telling him that about one and half of these ago. Caroline tells him, that she knew that the Klaus thing was gonna come with consequences and that now she just have to deal with it and learn from her mistakes. She tells him that Nadia's been compelling Matt to forget things, and Caroline shows Stefan Matt's text message, calling for help with a K, she takes the phone back and they start talking about the strange behavior of Elena, Stefan tells her that Elena kissed him, they begin to realize all actions that Elena has been doing lately and then between the two realize that Katherine has actually possessed the body of Elena.

File:Caroline 5x15.png


In Gone Girl, Caroline is in the Salvatore house with Tyler, Matt and on the phone with Jeremy and Bonnie. They're talking about Katherine possessing Elena's body and all the things that she did to hurt them supplanting Elena and they remember that because of Katherine,Tyler found out about Klaus and Caroline sex. Then Stefan arrives and begin to looking for a solution on how to draw her to them and so to stab her with the Traveler knife. Caroline says that Katherine going to see a sneak attack from a mile away and that they've got to get her to come to them, get her guard down, corner her, Caroline also says that they've got to invite her to something that Elena can't say no to. Caroline calls Katherine and tells her that they have to prepare a birthday party for Bonnie, Katherine said that she had to make arrangements for Aaron's funeral, which trumps a birthday, Caroline gives up and hangs disappointed.

Later, Caroline is talking to Stefan about that they have lost their hopes of seeing Elena again and that they also blew their only advantage. At that moment, Damon who is in the cell says that the solution can be a locator spell.

File:Caroline founds Tyler 5x15.png

Caroline finds Tyler on the floor

Caroline reaches the cell where Damon is enclosed to replace Tyler in caring for Damon, she finds to Tyler lying on the floor, Caroline asks what happened to him and he tells her that Damon attacked him. Later, Caroline is with the others in the room of the Salvatore house as they have to Nadia dying there, they're hoping that Katherine appears.

When Katherine appears, she says goodbye to Nadia at death, Katherine tries to escape but Damon doesn't allow her, she starts to guess who is going to kill her and tells Caroline that she doesn't worried about her killing her, because the two know that Caroline is better since she is a vampire, Caroline says goodbye to Katherine.

File:Caroline talking with Tyler 5x15.png

Caroline talking with Tyler

After Katherine's death, Caroline is with Tyler, she tells him that despite everything, she feels sad about her death, Tyler says that she always sees the good in people, referring to Klaus, Caroline tells him she saw the good in Klaus and that she is a vampire with the same impulses as him, so she is allowed to make some mistakes along the way. That she slept with Klaus after Tyler walked away from her, that she don’t need to be hearing about it every five seconds. So he just can get over it or get out of her life but she is done feeling guilty, Caroline leaves, leaving Tyler perplexed.

File:Caroline in 5x16.png

Caroline searching the antidote

In While You Were Sleeping, Caroline is searching for a cure for the Ripper Virus when she comes across Wes' recording about using the werewolf venom from Nadia's bite. She is surprised by Enzo who appears in the laboratory, he says her that he is there for the same reason that her are, he want the vampire-feeding virus out of their lives. Caroline teases him saying he just wants to get to Damon because killing innocent people not as much fun when he is alone, Enzo tells her that Damon mentioned that she get a little judgy and that he also said that her had a thing for accents. Caroline gets upset and tries to leave the lab but Enzo stops her telling her that he has the antidote.

Caroline talking with Stefan

She calls Stefan and tells him that the virus that have Damon and Elena isn't the same virus, Caroline says that Wes was working on the next phase of the virus that when Nadia was sick, he was experimenting on her blood and he figured out a way to extract werewolf venom from her blood and put it in the virus. She also says that has a antidote, that just requires he to come meet with her and that she will send a text to him with the address, Stefan tells her that she could just bring it over there but Caroline tells him she can't, Stefan refuses to go without knowing what is really happening and Caroline finally tells him that the travelers don't want anyone to know what they're up to referring to the witch, Stefan finally agrees.

File:Caroline-Stef 5x16.png

Caroline and Stefan meet with Enzo

Stefan finally meets with Caroline, they arrive at some abandoned train station, they're talking about Damon and Elena and as Damon is going to tell her that he killed Aaron, Enzo then arrives and interrupts them. Caroline asks him where is the antidote and Enzo nods and a group of travelers disperse through the stockyard. One particular woman walks right over to Caroline and Stefan, she is Sloan. Stefan ask to her that she have the antidote to the ripper virus, and she answer that yes thanks to Enzo. Enzo tells them that Wes was experimenting with him and so discovered the antidote, Caroline ask what does that have to do with them, Sloan say that when Wes died, the travelers took it. And seeing as Elena is valuable for them, they are in the process of using Wes' resources to find a cure for her virus, she also says that them have to find something, Stefan ask what do they need and Sloan say another one of him.

Caroline and Stefan talking with Enzo

Enzo tells to Stefan and Caroline that they will find another doppelgänger of Stefan and that he don't know the traveler lore, he also says that the last remaining pair of doppelgängers are special. Caroline asks what he mean by "special" but Sloan interrupts telling her that it is none of their business. Enzo anyway replied her talking about Markos, the leader of travelers, he says them that Markos wants the blood from the last remaining pair of doppelgängers, Stefan and Elena, they need to use Stefan to find his doppelgänger and then kill him.

Caroline and Stefan

Caroline and Stefan are talking privately as they walk to a separate section, where Sloan and the other travelers are. Caroline is worried about Stefan because he could lose his memory again, she is willing to join him and Enzo in a fight against the travelers to protect him, Stefan tells her that he will be fine and that he would do it for she too but Caroline tells him that if they do fry his brain then she will kill them, Stefan smiles and tells her that when she'll spiral out of control about killing them she can do him a favor, that is she remind him that they were friends, Caroline smiles to him. At that moment appears Sloan and Enzo to do the spell, Enzo says that will take care of the antidote for Elena and Damon, one of the travelers comes behind Enzo and hands him the serum, Enzo invite to Caroline to join him but she stays with Stefan while he goes through the process of "mind searching" for the doppelgänger.
File:Caroline threatens Sloan to protect Stefan 5X16.png

Caroline threatens Sloan to protect Stefan

Later, the travelers continue to chant while they keep attempting to link Stefan to his doppelgänger counterpart and Caroline is worried for him, Sloan sees a mental image of the doppelganger, Caroline tries to make her stop because Stefan is suffering and they have already found the doppelganger but Sloan ignores her, Caroline is fed up of seeing Stefan suffer and she comes behind Sloan and holds a knife against her throat, Sloan tells her that the if she hurts her, the travelers are going to kill her but Caroline says that she tell them to stop and that there's a way they can all get what they want. Later, she's with Stefan waiting for him to wake up, when he wake up Stefan teases her calling her "Rebekah" and she cares for him, then he call her "Lexi" and she realizes it's a joke, Stefan asks her if the spell worked and then arrives Enzo, he thanks her for her call and says it's time to go, Stefan ask her what is happening and Caroline says as Sloan was going to fry his brain to kill his doppelgänger and that she wasn't about to let that happen, so she have volunteered to help Enzo deal with it, that mean kill him.

Caroline and Stefan

Stefan disagree on that but then she tells him but Caroline tells him that they only want one doppelgänger alive, so is Stefan or the other. Stefan then decides to accompany her but Enzo interrupts them telling that he can't because the travelers still need him, Caroline says him that she will be fine and that he would do the same for her, Stefan tells her that he don't trust in Enzo and Caroline says that don't worry because she don't trust in Enzo too and that she will be safe, she promise that to him, she goes downstairs and Enzo extends his hand to help her but she ignores him, Enzo says goodbye to Stefan with a wave and goes with Caroline leaving Stefan worried.
File:Care-enzo 5x17.png

Caroline talking with Enzo

In Rescue Me, Caroline and Enzo are at an Atlanta diner when her phone starts buzzing on the table but before she can pick it up, Enzo snatches it from her and he talks with Sloan, she gives the doppelgänger's name and whereabouts, Caroline hears their conversation and she isn't happy that Sloan is still using to Stefan and frying his brain and jerks the phone from Enzo's hand, she threat to Sloan to kill her if she do that again, Caroline hangs up the phone and flings it across the booth, Enzo makes fun of her and call her "perky, blonde angel of death.".

File:Enzo and Caroline in 5x17.png

Enzo and Caroline

Caroline sign in the hospital reception and she goes where is Enzo, she tells him that the receptionist doesn't know Tom personally, but that she compelled her to call someone who does, she sits besides him and they wait for someone to come speak with them. Enzo just stares at her until Caroline pulls out a magazine and starts reading it. Enzo asks why she’s avoiding him, he reminds her that he delivered the cure and Caroline says she doesn't trust him. She asks why he’s there and he says that he needs a new murder buddy since Damon is doing better, then he tells her that he’s joking. Caroline is clearly not interested in speaking with him any further, so Enzo picks up his own magazine and starts reading from it, he flirts with her and Caroline concludes that the only reason for that Enzo is there, is she, he tells her that Damon says he’s her type and tells her she reminds her of someone; Maggie that worked for the Augustines, Caroline teases him but he tells to her that Maggie reminded him that he's a good guy, Caroline seemed surprised by his answer, but before she can retort, a doctor comes to talk to them, he tells them that Tom has disappeared four months ago, Enzo and Caroline look at each other surprised.

Caroline is worried for Stefan

Caroline calls to Sloan and tells her the info is bad. She asks for Stefan and she tells him that Tom has been gone for months. She asks if he saw anything else and he tells her that he blacked out after the spell. Sloan says they need to go deeper and Caroline says he’s seeing old memories but then Sloan starts the spell again, despite Caroline's concerns, Sloan goes back into Stefan's head to get more information Caroline stays on the phone and tries to help him, Enzo listens with interest. Caroline is desperate to hear screaming Stefan and she begs to him to say something to her and finally he gives her Hazel’s address and describes her.

File:Caroline-Enzo 5x17..png

Caroline can't enter to the house

Later, Caroline and Enzo come to the house and notice four months of mail has accumulated. They knock on the door but no one opens, Enzo with force takes knob off in his hand and the door opens. They see Hazel kneeling on the floor and Caroline realizes they can’t come in because the homeowner is there. Enzo throws the doorknob and it crushes Hazel’s skull. She keels over dead. Caroline is angry with him for killing their only lead. He reminds her he’s a murderous vampire and they can now enter the house.

Hazel lies dead on the floor and Enzo tells Caroline she was in a trance and couldn't answer questions. He says he’s only doing what needs to be done to save Stefan. Caroline tells him she’s a good vampire and doesn’t just go around killing people. Enzo tells her he’s not judging her, he’s preparing her. He tells her hesitation can cost her life.
File:Tom-Enzo-Care 5x17.png

Caroline and Enzo find to Tom

She tells him this is not war and she will do almost anything to save Stefan. Then they both hear a heart beating and got to investigate. In the basement, they find the doppelgänger knocked out. They wonder why they kept him knocked out for four months and Caroline says that’s the same time that Silas died. She tries to rouse Tom but she can’t. Enzo tells her to go upstairs while he kills him but she won’t. She puts her hands around Tom’s neck and starts to choke him but he comes to and asks what’s happening and who they are. Caroline compels him and tells him she’s his friend and he should trust her. She promises he won’t feel a thing. Then she uses her vampire speed and snaps Enzo's neck. She frees Tom and tells him she’s getting him out of there.
File:Caroline compels Tom to leave 5x17.png

Caroline compels Tom to leave

Caroline and Tom are in a diner and Tom is eating, she finds out his life in order to know if he is a good man, she tells him that he is one of the nicest people that she has known and that she is helping him because he remind her of someone important to her, Stefan. He tells her that he will do anything to compensate her for saving his life and Caroline begins to imagine that he is choking and she doesn't help him, then she comes back and tells him that he has to go away and have a long life and happy, she compels him.

Enzo later finds Caroline and Tom and then he kills Tom. Caroline asks him why he did it and Enzo says she’s not the only one who cut a deal to save a life. Caroline tells him that she has lost her respect for him and he says that the Travelers told him they know where Maggie is and he’s willing to do anything for save someone that he loves unlike her. He tells her where are the Travelers and says she can feel free to tell Stefan that she’s the one who took Tom out to save his life.

File:Steroline 4x17...jpg

Stefan and Caroline

Later, Stefan is lying in a car and Caroline comes and lies down beside him, she is saddened by Tom's death and tells him that she is a failure because she couldn't do it, Stefan tells her that he knew that she couldn't do it because she is good, then Caroline tells him that Enzo killed him. Stefan tells her that now they have to sleep and close his eyes, Caroline is smiling and watching him resting her head on his shoulder, she close her eyes.

Later, Stefan and Caroline are sleeping cuddled, Stefan taking her hand, they wake up to hear strange voices and they out of the car. They arrive where the travelers are doing the spell to awaken Markos, their leader, the travelers drink the blood of Elena and Stefan and begin to burn alive, Stefan takes Caroline's hand and escape with their vampire speed.

File:Elena-Caroline 5x18.png


In Resident Evil, Caroline is in her dorm room when Elena wakes up after having dreams about Stefan. Caroline asks if she's okay and Elena responds that all is fine. Caroline arrives at the Mystic Grill with Elena to meet her mother. Then Elena has another vision about Stefan, and Caroline interrupts her. Elena tells her that the vision is happening again .Caroline gets a call from Stefan and he too tells her about having visions of Elena and thinks he is going crazy, Caroline tells him that he isn't crazy and that something is happening because Elena too is having similar visions.
File:Caroline talking with Stefan on the phone 5x18.png

Caroline talking with Stefan

Later, Elena tries to call Damon and Matt arrives at the Grill, Caroline approaches him and asks him for her mother, but he doesn't know where she is. She tells him that if he sees to Liz that tell her that she had something to do, Caroline returns with Elena, as Damon don't answer to her, Caroline calls Enzo, he responds immediately calling her gorgeous", Caroline asks for Damon and tells him that something is going on between Stefan and Elena. Damon responds asking her what's going on, and Caroline tells him that since Tom died and Stefan and Elena are the last doppelgangers, now they are having romantic visions together, Damon is annoyed and tells her to get a witch immediately and drive her to his home, he hangs up the phone.
File:Caroline, Enzo and Elena 5x18.png

Caroline, Enzo and Elena

Caroline arrives at the Salvatore house with Elena, Enzo opens the door asking her for the witch, but Caroline throws her jacket on his face and tells him that they said they’d call her and that they didn’t say they’d pick her up, they enter to the house and appears Damon, he greets to Elena and all maintain an awkward silence, Enzo ask for who could use a drink from the library and Caroline responds positively and goes with him.

File:Enzo-Caro 5x18.png

Enzo and Caroline

Caroline is with Enzo in the library listening the conversation between Damon and Elena, she is worried and tells Enzo that they have to do something but Enzo invites her to stay and gives her a drink and so they continue to entertaining with the conversation between Elena and Damon. Then, Caroline and Enzo continue listening to Elena and Damon, they hear that Damon and Elena are now talking as friends, Enzo tells to Caroline that until it’s officially out there and explicitly stated, there’s still hope, and hope can trick you into all sorts of hilariously unrealistic scenarios. Caroline realizes that he is referring to Maggie, she asks him that was what happened and Enzo tells her that travelers not told him where Maggie was, she says him that if he finds to Maggie now, she must be very old but Enzo replied, that the whole time he was held captive, Maggie's face was the only thing that he clung and he doesn't want to date her, he wants to thank her, Caroline looks at him and smiles.
File:Caroline-Liz 5x18.png

Caroline and Liz

Enzo, Elena and Damon are listening to Luke that is telling them what the plans of Markos, and the whole thing about the travelers, then Caroline arrives saying that Stefan called and he said that the the scrap yard's been completely cleared out. She don't understand what they are talking about, so Enzo tells her to take out the popcorn because Elena’s little sex romp isn't over yet, which he mean to the dreams.

Later that night, Liz is shown unconscious at her home with Caroline beside her. Tyler assures Caroline that her mother is fine, when Liz doesn't wake up in spite of Caroline giving her blood to heal from the wound caused earlier that day, which was made to get the Traveler out. Liz then wakes up with no memory of the day's event and a relieved Caroline jokes that she just missed her lunch.

Caroline doesn't appear in Man on Fire but is mentioned by Damon and Enzo.

File:Carolinee-Stefan and Ele 5x20.png


In What Lies Beneath, Stefan and Elena try to hide from travelers and decide to go to Caroline's Father cabin, when they arrive to the cabin, they start to talk, Caroline receives to them telling them that they don't need invitation to enter now that Bill is dead, she suspects that Elena and Stefan are hiding something to her but Stefan hands Caroline a couple of bags to take inside, she's suspicious but laughs it off, Caroline takes the bags inside, she walks out onto the porch and observes them, eavesdropping.
File:Caroline-Enzo 5x20...png

Caroline walking through Enzo's ghost

Caroline sees that Elena and Stefan are fiddling and she tells them that for a couple of doppel-targets, they seem to be taking this all in stride. Elena and Stefan carry supplies inside. Caroline goes to follow them but hesitates, sensing something. She looks out at the land in front of the cabin, but sees nothing. She goes inside, walking through Enzo's ghost with seeing him, Enzo says that he thought that he would feel better.

Later, Damon is with Caroline in the cabin, he prepares drinks and Caroline snacks on maraschino cherries while writing down prompts for charades on slips of paper, she is preparing a game for them to spend the night at cabin, Caroline seems to be upset because she thinks that something is going on between Stefan and Elena again, Damon thinks that it's something about Enzo but Caroline is suspecting that it's something romantic between them, they're talking and then Elena and Stefan enter to the cabin, they were getting firewood out of the shed together, they seem to be very suspicious and Stefan leaves, Elena inmediately follows him, and then Damon speaks in a low voice to Caroline, telling her that's time to the games begin.

File:Caroline-Stefan-Damon-Ele 5x20..png

Caroline, Elena, Damon & Stefan play games.

Later on the night, While Luke sits outside on the porch, Stefan, Elena, Damon and Caroline play charades inside. Elena mimes while Stefan tries to guess, Caroline is serious and thoughtful, she seems to be upset with Stefan and Elena. Damon decides that's time to play "never have I ever", Elena not agree but Caroline is enthusiastic about the idea, they begin to play and drink, after many drinks Caroline says that she never have she ever kissed a Salvatore brother today, making an indirect to Stefan and Elena, they all are in an awkward silence, she asks if they are going to drink or not, Elena ask to her if she is implying something but Stefan interrupts saying he wants to do another round, Damon say that never have he ever lied about where Enzo is, they all look around at each other in silent. Caroline ask what is going on and Stefan says that nothing. Damon and Stefan start arguing and Elena says that she is drunk and wants to go to sleep, she leaves.

Caroline, Damon and Stefan looking for Luke

Stefan and Bonnie are talking on the phone about the death of Enzo and Caroline hears the conversation, she walks to Stefan and he hangs up on Bonnie. She is surprised that Enzo is dead and Stefan tells her that he was who killed him, Caroline realizes that she was wrong about her suspicions on Stefan and Elena, she asks why didn't he say anything to her and Stefan tells her because it's complicated. Damon arrives telling that Elena just told to him the truth and Caroline is surprised because he didn't know either. Stefan tells that they could talk about that some other time but Damon is upset about it, Stefan tells that the other side is falling apart and he think it's allowing Enzo to mess with them. Damon begins to speak loudly waiting for Enzo's reply, Enzo is looking them as ghost, Caroline says that it doesn't make any sense because If Enzo wanted to kill Elena, drowning her wouldn't have worked, Enzo tells that she is smart and he see why they like her so much, they can't hear to Enzo, and Caroline continues telling that maybe he's just trying to scare them, Damon realizes that Enzo was just trying to distract them and that he figured out a way to kill them all in one fell swoop. Damon, Stefan and Caroline walk out onto the front porch and realize that Luke is gone.

Caroline argues with Elena

Caroline and Elena go to the forest to look for Luke, Caroline continuous upset because Stefan and Elena decided to hide the truth to her about Enzo, Elena realizes it but Caroline tells that she isn't upset that she is just looking for Luke who was there to protect to her and Stefan, who's now missing because she and Stefan lied about where Enzo was, and now the Travelers can find them, do their spell, and wipe them all off the face of the earth. Elena tells her that she was worried that if Damon found out, Caroline interrupts to her saying upset that she isn't like Damon who kill a bunch of innocent people, so the fact that she lied to her about it makes less sense. Elena tells her that she just didn't want to put her in an awkward position but Caroline tells that it would be better, than her suspicions about Stefan and Elena. Elena ask to her where did that even come from but Caroline tells that she hasn't idea, Elena ask if she are over it and Caroline responds that yes, they continue looking for Luke.
File:Steroline smiling 5x20.png

Stefan and Caroline

Later, Caroline is watching the shed burn and Stefan joins to her. They start talking and fiddling, Stefan invites her to the car because they got to get out of there. They're about to leave but Caroline asks him if they are friends, she is still upset because she thinks that Stefan doesn't trust in her, Stefan tells her that he did not tell her the truth not because he distrusts in her, Caroline to him saying that he trust in Elena more and that it's normal but still sucks to be left out of the loop. Stefan tells to her for make to her feel better that there are things that he tell to her that he don't tell to Elena,Caroline ask like what and Stefan tells like she have dirt on your cheek, he cleans her cheek and they smiles. Stefan tells to her that he didn't tell her the truth about Enzo because he know that they had a weird little chemistry thing, Caroline laughs telling him that he's hallucinating and Stefan says that he didn't want her to think any less of him, he tells that he will meet with her in the car when she is done, he leaves and Caroline stares at the fire.

File:Caroline-Damon 5x21.png


In Promised Land, Damon has a traveler tied to a chair, he is asking him for Markos who kidnapped to Stefan and Elena, Caroline arrives telling him that Liv and Luke not answering to her. Caroline trails off when she sees that Damon has captive in his living room to Mr. Sikes a friend of her, she asks him where is Markos with Stefan and Elena, Damon mocks the traveler, knowing full well, he can't speak with his mouth restrained the travelers respond to them that It doesn't matter where Markos is, nothing they do can stop him now.

Damon is with Matt and Jeremy and Matt lays one of the traveler's bodies on the table. Caroline asks him what is happening and who are all the people on the floor, he tells her that they are traveler husks and that they have passengers like Mr. Sikes. Matt and Jeremy leaves, Caroline ask to him what are he planning on doing with all of them, he say that he is waiting for Markos, she don't like his idea and he says that the other help can be Julian who is in Tyler's body, Caroline say that Julian isn't Tyler and that he has no reason to help them, so until she figure out a way to get Tyler back, he's just extra baggage. Caroline tells him to keep his torture happy hands away from Tyler until she figure something out and that she don't abandon the people that she care about.

File:Caroline-Julian 5x21.png

Caroline talking with Julian in Tyler's body

Caroline goes down to the Salvatore cellar to question Julian about Markos and the traveler's plans. Once standing over him, Caroline just looks at him, without saying anything, she say to him that he is permanently inhabiting the former love of her life, she says to him that Tyler is juts a person who he stole his life without asking and that he deserves to be fought for. Julian seems not to care, Caroline rolls her eyes and debates leaving, but she decides to sit down and give Julian a lecture. She ask to him why can't Markos and the other travelers find some other place to live, he says to her that it's not just about breaking the curse that keeps them from being able to settle; it's revenge against all of the things the witches stand for, all their magic. Caroline fiddles with her ring as Julian continues on, he says that the travelers see it all as a perversion of pure magic. Markos wants to destroy that perversion. He wants to restore the balance. Caroline thinks that's just wrong.
File:Caroline talking with Bonnie 5x21.png

Caroline talking with Bonnie

Caroline is with Bonnie on the college, Bonnie shuffles her belongings into a box, while Caroline talks, she says to Bonnie as Julian is trapped inside Tyler forever, or until he dies, she was thinking what could happen if he dies, maybe That's how them get him out, Bonnie is surprising for Caroline idea, but Caroline say that as he'll go to the other side and then, when Liv does the spell to help her and Enzo, Tyler can come back. Bonnie doesn't say anything. She just continues to pack the room up, Caroline ask Bonnie why she is not talking to Liv or doing anything other than packing up their dorm room, Bonnie tells to her that they have to be out of there right after finals, which she might skip, due to the potential extinction of magic in the place where she was spending her summer break, Caroline doesn't believe to her, Bonnie grows more frustrated. She aggressively tosses one of the boxes, which piques Caroline's suspicion, Bonnie finally tells to her there is no spell and that she made it up that he other side is collapsing and everyone in it, including her, is going away for good, Caroline is strangely speechless, that's why she don't think Caroline should kill Tyler, Bonnie storms out, but Enzo had been listening to the conversation the whole time from a corner in the room.

Caroline continues to pack their belongings, she ask to Bonnie what are they even suppose to take, Bonnie just sits on her bed in silence, Caroline reclaimed to her why she is just sitting there and Bonnie says to her that she is thinking. After Caroline get annoying Bonnie says that she think that know how to get them all back from the other side and that she need to find Enzo.

Caroline with Stefan's body

Later, Caroline and Stefan are still waiting on Bonnie near their car, they are concerned that Bonnie hasn't arrived, at that moment Julian approaches them. He is looking for Maria, his wife. He ask to Stefan about her but Stefan looks down at his feet. Julian ask what's the problem and Stefan tells to him that he are not going to see Maria again. Julian ask what he is talking about and Stefan tells him that Maria is dead, Stefan tries to comfort Julian, but he recoils angry, Caroline tells him that It wasn't Stefan's fault, Stefan say that he wasn't the one that killed her. The witches did. Julian is angry and says them that someone's going to pay for her. he pushes Stefan,they begin to discuss and Caroline sneaks behind him and attempts to snap his neck, but he catches her in the act. Stefan lunges toward him to protect Caroline and tries to pin him to the car, but Julian has the upper hand. He reaches into Stefan's chest cavity and pulls out his heart. Caroline gasps as his skin starts to dessicate, before Stefan falls to the pavement; dead. Julian leaves and Caroline hysterically rushes over to him and holds his body in her arms, screaming for help.

Caroline crying for Stefan's death

In Home, Stefan's body lies on a couch and Caroline cries over his body. Elena rushes in, followed by Damon. Elena notices Stefan's body and she is shocked to see it, Caroline start talking to them telling that she didn't know where to bring him, and that she just couldn't leave him outside. Damon looks at Stefan's body, disconcerted, Caroline in pleading tone ask to them if Bonnie has a plan, that she said that she could bring people back, them don't say anything and she ask to them to tell her that Bonnie can bring Stefan back, Damon tells her that they will bring him back. Damon starts getting Stefan's body while Elena and Caroline help, Stefan is looking to them in the other side.

Caroline kills Luke

Later, Liv and Luke are trying to escape, Elena stops them on the front and Caroline on the back of the car, Liv gets out of the car and walks towards Elena and Caroline walks towards the front of the car, Elena and Liv start to talk and Elena tells her that Stefan is dead, Liv looks at Elena and then at Caroline, she sighs and looks back at Elena, Elena tells her that they has a plan to kill Markos and The travelers but Liv and Luke tells them that they can't help them because is dangerous for them, Caroline tells him that Stefan saved his life but Liv tells her that they can't risk it, Caroline use her super-speeds and snaps Luke's neck,his body falls in street, Liv is shocked and Caroline tells her that her brother's officially on the Other Side, that forcing her to do the spell. Later, Caroline still is with Elena and Liv, she is talking with Damon on the phone, she is asking her for the map, Matt takes a picture of the map with his phone and sends it to Caroline. Back on the street, Caroline receives the picture as Liv puts her brother's dead body in the car they were driving. They continue talking about their plan that is reunite travelers and kill them all in a bomb and Caroline tells them that they can't lure anyone anywhere stuck out here and Damon tells her that her mother will help them with that.
File:Caroline and Tyler 5x22.png

Caroline and Tyler

In the woods near the crypt, Enzo resurrects appearing back in the mortal world, where he runs into Caroline, he tells her that he will see her around and calls her gorgeous, Caroline just looked at him and then he leaves. Suddenly, Tyler appears from the other side, she says his name and he confirms that is really him, Caroline is happy for that, they run into each other's arms and embrace. Tyler turns away from her and tells her that felt different. She ask what do he mean but Tyler looks around for something to cut himself with. He picks up a pointed rock and slices himself across the hand with it, they realize that he isn't healing and that he isn't a hybrid anymore.

Later, Elena is back from the other side but she isn't happy because Bonnie forces her to return and Damon is still in the other side. Caroline starts asking for Stefan because he still hasn't returned, Caroline's questioning ends when Bonnie starts coughing up blood. She is worried about her friend but Bonnie unintentionally touched Stefan and he returns from the other side, Caroline is happy to see him but he also did not want to come back to life still because Damon and Lexi continue on the other side.

Caroline comforts to Stefan

Later, Stefan is sitting on a picnic table all alone, until Caroline comes to talk to him. He is very sad and tells her that he lost them both, the two people he has known longest in this world. She asks him if he is talking about Lexi and Stefan tells her that she never came out and that neither did Markos and that he knows that's not a coincidence. He starts talking about Damon and says that he finally had everything he wanted, that he was happy and that he should be there. Stefan puts his head in between his legs and starts to cry, Caroline wraps her arms around him without saying a word.

Caroline is seen for the last time with Stefan, Tyler, Elena, Jeremy and Alaric watching Bonnie, who is preparing to disappear with the Other Side.

The Originals Series[]

Season One[]

Caroline was mentioned during Klaus and Tyler's confrontation in Bloodletting when Klaus asks Tyler what she would think about what he had become and just how far he was willing to go to have his revenge.

Caroline was referenced in Dance Back from the Grave as Marcel mentioned that Klaus is in a good mood and that he should go back to Mystic Falls more often. This comes after the events in 500 Years of Solitude.


It's just a reminder that technically, I'm dead. Look, I didn't even like 17. And the only point to being 17 is to get to 18. It's a filler year; I'm stuck in a filler year.” — Caroline to Bonnie


Caroline as human

Caroline is one of the popular girls at school, the captain of the cheerleading squad, and was organizing the parties and always displaying a high degree of leadership among her friends. Beautiful and chic, she was also very strong and determined, much like her mother, Elizabeth Forbes. She is extremely loyal and protective of her friends. She has a sensitive and loving nature. Despite having a confident exterior and high social prestige, underneath it all Caroline was very insecure, neurotic, and upset that she could never say the right thing to make guys fall for her. This tended to make her an overachiever at times, creating flaws and complexities in her character, leading to various matters that factor into her development as she overcomes them. Especially when it came to Elena, as she always felt she was in Elena's shadow. She considers Elena her competition when it comes to life in general. When she started dating Matt Donovan she began to see life in a less shallow manner and Caroline overcame these insecurities and became confident in herself.

You prefer who you are now to the girl you once were. You like being strong, ageless, fearless. We’re the same, Caroline.” — Klaus to Caroline

File:Tumblr m3kpd9KKrZ1r9pl9bo9 250.jpg

Caroline as a vampire

Becoming a vampire made her see the world in a different light, with her maturing as well. She became much more responsible and protective, which she proves when comforting Tyler on the night of his first full moon and refusing to leave him, despite knowing that one bite would kill her. Ironically, she appreciates life more since becoming a vampire. Moreover, despite having killed a man, she hadn't killed again in several months, thus showing an impressive amount of control for a newly turned vampire. This continues throughout the series: in season 4, Caroline was described as an "expert" in self-control. It seems that she does not desire the cure, as Klaus puts it, "You prefer who you are now to the girl you once were. You like being strong, ageless, fearless." Being a vampire has helped show her what she could do with her life. She could see the world and have a thousand more birthdays. It was Klaus who showed her that she is no longer bound by trivial human conventions and with her immortality and abilities as a vampire, she is free.

Physical Appearance[]

Main: Caroline Forbes / Appearance



Caroline is a beautiful young woman with a pale complexion, blue-green eyes and medium length blonde hair which she often wears in a variety of different styles; straight, curly, or naturally waved. She has a slim, yet due to her cheerleading, toned and athletic figure. 

Since Caroline was introduced, her style has changed drastically, seemingly since her transition into a vampire. As a human, Caroline's clothing style included pinks and yellows, expressively bright colors which would draw attention to herself. Caroline took care of her appearance, always making sure to match her hairstyle and accessories to her daily outfits. Caroline's accessories were very eye-catching; large earrings, small bags, jewelry, and hairbands. The one color Caroline is rarely seen wearing is the color "blue", as she told Damon that her clothes seemed too tight on her body.

File:Queen Barbie.png

Caroline Forbes

In the later seasons, Caroline's clothing choices change to a laid back, yet much more mature style; preferring to wear pale t-shirts, skinny jeans, high-boots; and the color isn't as bright and attracting as it once was. She sometimes wore short dresses in a variety of colors for occasions such as parties and fashionable skirts with matching tops. Her style in season two wasn't as eye-catching as it was once was, preferring paler colors instead of bright colors. 

In season three, she wore a mixture of floral dresses and skirts with colorful cardigans and sandals, and dark jeans and jackets over bright colored shirts. During the Mikaelsons' Ball, she wore a blue-grey dress with very little makeup and hair pulled back. In Season Four, she chose to wear floral patterned shirts and tank t-shirts underneath biker leather and denim jackets, although on occasion would resort to wearing paler colors, skirts and tops. Her make-up choice has changed somewhat over the seasons, in early seasons, she wore much makeup, particularly lip glosses and lots of black eye-makeup to make her green eyes stand out; however in later seasons, she wears a much more natural look, with little to no make-up.

Powers and Abilities[]

Caroline possesses all the standard powers and abilities of a non-original vampire.

Attitude towards humans[]

File:Caroline says 'Hi' to her Mom.png

Caroline after feeding

After I turned into a vampire, I killed someone. A stranger. I just… killed him. And what’s worse is, I liked it. I have blood on my hands too, I mean we all do.” — Caroline to Alaric As a new vampire, Caroline remains loyal towards humans, despite her blood lust. After murdering her first human, Caroline felt extremely guilty over her actions. Stefan teaches her to adjust to her new life as a vampire and she is now able to feed without severely harming or killing someone. Caroline is the vampire with the fewest attacks on humans in the series, and always has great control with her bloodlust and has been rated as the best vampire among them. Like Damon and Elena, she drinks human blood from blood bags instead of hunting humans or animals.


Elizabeth Forbes[]

All right. Give me a good-bye hug before I change my mind and drag you home with me.” — Liz to Caroline in I Know What You Did Last Summer

Main article: Caroline and Liz

Caroline and Liz

The relationship of Caroline and Liz is not the typical mother-daughter relationship. Caroline has always been distanced from her mother before and after becoming a vampire. At first when Caroline became a vampire Liz showed rejection to her, but then ended up accepting it. Despite not spending much time together, Liz, cares for her and keeps everything in control so that other people wouldn't find out about vampires, especially for her daughter. Caroline cares about her mother and it has been suggested that her mother is the most important to her. Their relationship has improved a lot lately.

Tyler Lockwood[]

Everything I like about me, is you.” — Tyler to Caroline in Smells Like Teen Spirit

Main article: Tyler and Caroline
File:FORWODD.-. -..jpg

Tyler and Caroline

The relationship of Caroline and Tyler began when Tyler triggered his werewolf curse, she wanted to help him and never left him alone. They began spending a great deal of time together and Tyler fell in love with her ​​despite the fact that Caroline was in a relationship with his best friend Matt. After Caroline and Matt broke up, they began a romantic relationship. Everything got complicated when Klaus turned Tyler into a hybrid and also fell in love with Caroline. After Tyler conspires against Klaus, the latter ordered him out of Mystic Falls to spare his life. When Klaus returned for Graduation, he gave Caroline the gift of Tyler's freedom to return to Mystic Falls. Their relationship completely fell apart and are now broken up.

Niklaus Mikaelson[]

I've done more than enough. I've shown kindness, forgiveness, pity... because of you, Caroline. It was all for you.” — Klaus to Caroline in Down the Rabbit Hole 

Main article: Klaus and Caroline 
File:Klaus and Caroline kiss,,.jpg

Caroline and Klaus

Klaus and Caroline met when Tyler was turned into a hybrid by Klaus. To take revenge on Stefan, Klaus tells Tyler to bite Caroline, he flat out refused but Tyler accidentally bit Caroline. Klaus went to Caroline's house to save her and gave her his blood. Since then, Klaus has expressed a romantic interest in Caroline and began sending her gifts. In spite of the continued rejection by Caroline, he has never given up. Despite the constant attempts of her friends to kill him, with Caroline's help, who was trying to distract him, Klaus still cares about her. Klaus leaves Mystic Falls but he returned for graduation and told her he intended to be her last love, no matter how long it takes. Klaus returns to Mystic Falls and meets with Caroline, after Caroline confesses her feelings in exchange for a promise that Klaus never come back for her, they kiss and have sex.

Bonnie Bennett[]

I love you.” — Bonnie to Caroline in Graduation

Main article: Caroline and Bonnie
File:Tumblr lz7kmosGLu1r1hl6ro1 500.png

Bonnie and Caroline

Bonnie was Caroline's best friend but when Caroline became a vampire, their relationship became strained. Prior to Caroline's transformation, they were cheerleaders in high school and were always hanging out together. Bonnie had been wary of Caroline as a vampire, but gradually their friendship was strengthened. After Bonnie was brought back to life, she enrolls at the same university that Caroline besides being roommates with Elena. Caroline is the first to learn about the sex life of Bonnie with Jeremy, her boyfriend. They have always remained best friends despite the many challenges they have faced. They have been there for each other many times and protect one another when they are in trouble.

Stefan Salvatore[]

I promise you I will not let anything happen to you.” — Stefan to Caroline in Brave New World

Main article: Stefan and Caroline
File:Steroline in prom dance..jpg

Stefan and Caroline

Caroline and Stefan at first had no close relationship. After she became a vampire, Stefan saved her from Damon and promised her that he would never let anything happen to her. Since then, Stefan has been taking care of Caroline like her mentor, helping her to be a good vampire. He has saved her several times and cares about her. Caroline told him that every time he feels he's about to lose control she will be there for him. Their relationship has intensified to the point of being best friends. Caroline has given Stefan pivotal emotional support to the point where they now have a great friendship. Caroline has always supported his relationship with Elena and she was the person who revealed to Stefan that Elena was sired to Damon. By Caroline, Stefan also learned that Elena had had sex with Damon. When Stefan lost his memories for a spell, Caroline was the only person that he trusts immediately, upon learning about Bonnie's death, Stefan told Caroline that he would always be for her as she has always been for him, Caroline helped to Stefan with all his problems lately. After the death of Lexi, she is his best friend.

Elena Gilbert[]

I'm really glad you're here, too.” — Elena to Caroline in I Know What You Did Last Summer

Main article: Elena and Caroline

Elena and Caroline

Caroline and Elena have had a complicated relationship throughout the series. Initially, Caroline had a rivalry with Elena because she considered herself to be in Elena's shadow. After Caroline became a vampire, her insecurities disappeared and they became best friends again. When Caroline was getting in the middle of Elena's relationship with Stefan because of Katherine, it distanced them somewhat. When Elena made it clear she had feelings for Damon, Caroline expressed her disapproval, separating them. When Elena turned off her humanity, Elena tried to kill Caroline, creating an even greater rift. They resumed their friendship when Elena's humanity was turned back on. Despite all the problems in their friendship, they always care for one another.

Other Relationships[]

  • Klaus, Caroline and Tyler (Former Love triangle)
  • Elena, Caroline, and Bonnie (Best Friends)
  • Caroline and Matt (Ex-boyfriend/Childhood Friends)
  • Caroline and Damon (Ex-boyfriend/Frenemies/Allies)  
  • Katherine and Caroline (Enemies/Allies)
  • Caroline and Enzo (Friends/Has chemistry)
  • Caroline and Hayley (Enemies)
  • Caroline and Bill (Father & Daughter)
  • Caroline and Silas (Enemies)
  • Caroline and Jesse (Friends)
  • Caroline and Rebekah (Friends)
  • Caroline and Nadia (Rivals)


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

Season 6

Caroline appears in a total of 94 episodes out of 111, thus far.

Episode Absence[]

Season One

Season Two

Season Three

  • In Season 3, Caroline doesn't appear in 3 episodes:
    • Ordinary People
    • The New Deal
    • 1912

Season Four

  • In Season 4, Caroline doesn't appear in 4 episodes:

Season Five


Main article: Caroline Forbes (novel)

Caroline Forbes in the novels

Caroline Beula Forbes is a female character and a supporting character of The Vampire Diaries novel series. She is the old childhood friend turned rival-enemy of Elena Gilbert. She is an eighteen year old human girl living in the supernatural town of Fells Church along with Elena Gilbert, Bonnie McCullough, Meredith Sulez and Matt Honeycutt. She is also love interest of Tyler Smallwood. Caroline was also formerly good childhood friends with Bonnie McCullough and Meredith Sulez since the first grade. Caroline and Elena used to be the closest of friends growing up since kindergarten, but the two girls became intense rivals and each other's competition in terms of popularity, boys and social status at their high school. She is in frequent competition with Elena for the title of "Queen of Robert E. Lee High." Caroline has shown that she is threatened by and extremely jealous and envious of Elena's popularity and beauty. Caroline was very jealous, resentful, envious and angered that Stefan Salvatore, the new, mysterious and extremely handsome new foreign student at Robert E. Lee High, whom every girl in all of the high school tried to gain the attention of, chose Elena over her. Because of Stefan's rejection of her, Caroline had plotted to get revenge alongside Tyler Smallwood, by stealing Elena's personal diary to help to expose Elena's thoughts and secrets at the Founder's Day parade. But her plot with Tyler had backfired on her and she ended up humiliated in the end. Stefan first dated Caroline while attending the Homecoming Dance, while he was trying to stay away from Elena due to his intense connection to her. Later on in the books, Caroline became pregnant by Tyler Smallwood (who is a werewolf), she blamed Matt Honeycutt for forcing himself on her and claiming that Matt was the father instead of Tyler. However, she truthfully admits to Bonnie and Meredith that the real father of her unborn children is indeed Tyler Smallwood. She is carrying twin children and she is possessed by Misao's malach. Caroline Forbes is now a werewolf, in a relationship with Tyler and raising their two children, Lucas and Brianne.

Behind The Scenes[]

17 years old, a beautiful but slightly manufactured-looking queen bee type, she is friends - and rivals - with Elena. Though she does care about Elena, Caroline is resentful of her relationship with Stefan. When Caroline gets tipsy at a party and throws herself at him, he inadvertently humiliates and angers her with a polite rejection.

Name Meaning[]

  • Caroline is a feminine first name of Old German origin, which means "free man".
  • Caroline is a female form of "Carolus", which in turn is a Latin form of Charles, derived from the German word Karl, that means simply, a free man.
  • Forbes is a masculine surname which was originally taken from a Scottish place name meaning "Field" in Gaelic.



  • Caroline's birthday is October 10 and her astrological sign is Libra.
  • Caroline thinks Stefan and Elena together are "epic" (My Brother's Keeper) and is a huge supporter of them. However in season five she seemed to become lesser supporter of Stefan and Elena as a couple.
  • Caroline is one of the first characters in the series to be drained of blood by a vampire.
  • Many of Elena's characteristics in the novels seem to be given to Caroline in the show. Also in the novels, only Elena becomes a vampire whilst in the series, it's Caroline and Elena.
  • In the novels, Caroline is an antagonist who first conspires with Tyler to blame Stefan Salvatore for the murders in Fells Church. She later becomes pregnant by Tyler, which turns her into a werewolf. In the series, she is a protagonist and a vampire, and can never get pregnant.
  • Caroline is unusually strong for a vampire her age, being able to take down Mason Lockwood, a werewolf of considerable size and strength, with minimal to no difficulty at all. She has even taken down Damon Salvatore, a vampire much older than her. 
  • In the third season, Caroline's cellphone is a HTC Cha Cha. 
  • In the fourth season, Caroline's cellphone is a Nokia Lumia.
  • Caroline is the second main character to become a vampire, after Vicki and before Jenna. She is the only one of the three who is still alive: Vicki was killed by Stefan, and Jenna was killed by Klaus.
  • Caroline was the one to find Vicki Donovan's corpse, who was turned by Damon. Caroline was also turned by Damon.
    • Unlike Vicki, Caroline wasn't turned into a vampire by Damon intentionally, having been killed by Katherine. Damon turned Vicki out of boredom.
  • Caroline has interacted with all the main characters.
  • Stefan has stated that Caroline reminds him of his best friend, Lexi.
  • In the novels, Katherine manipulates Vicki, but in the series, Katherine threatens Caroline.
  • Caroline is the first vampire to be bitten by a successful hybrid created by Klaus: Tyler.
  • The only main characters she hasn't had romantic feelings for, or haven't had romantic feelings for her, are Jeremy Gilbert and Alaric Saltzman. She used to have a huge crush on Stefan Salvatore and has been in relationships with Damon Salvatore, Matt Donovan, and Tyler Lockwood. Klaus is also in love with her.
  • Caroline's favorite human blood type is B+.
    • Caroline's favorite blood type also doubles as her personal motto: "Be Positive!"
  • Caroline is the vampire who has been tortured the most in the series, followed by Stefan, and Damon.
  • Rose, Damon, Katherine, Nadia, Caroline, Elena and Stefan have all received a werewolf bite. Rose and Nadia are the only ones to never receive the cure, and so died.
  • Candice Accola is actually the oldest female main cast member.
  • Caroline along with Jeremy are the only characters besides the main three who have appeared in the most episodes.
  • Caroline is the only character who has not seen Mikael.
  • She agreed to go on a date with Klaus in order to help her friends.
  • Caroline is Klaus' favorite person to draw.
  • Caroline brings out Klaus humanity and playful side.
  • Julie Plec said that Caroline is drawn to Klaus, she may not like it, but she is.
  • Caroline liked Klaus' painting of the snowflake; she said that there was something lonely about it in which Klaus took as a compliment.
  • Caroline is the first vampiric character in the series to inject her blood directly into a human heart in order to save that character (her mother's) life.
  • Caroline is the first character in the series to be a victim of mind control/compulsion while having vervain in her system.
  • In the original script for Pilot, Caroline's last name was Truitt. (1)
  • Caroline has become more of a woman since her becoming of a vampire.
  • Caroline has some nicknames:
    • Her friends call her "Care".
    • Damon sometimes calls her "Vampire Barbie", "Blondie".
    • Klaus sometimes calls her "Love", "Sweetheart".
    • Enzo sometimes calls her "Gorgeous", "Blondie" and "Goldilocks".
  • Caroline is the female character who had slept with the most main male characters in the show. In fact, Caroline has slept with Damon, Matt, Tyler and Klaus.
  • Caroline drives a Ford Fiesta Titanum.
  • As stated in The Walking Dead, Caroline ingests vervain, most likely to build up an immunity against the herb and compulsion.
  • Caroline is the only character not to be part of the main love-triangle to have a birthday episode. Hers was Our Town.
  • She had sex with Klaus in 500 Years of Solitude.
  • She shredded pictures of her and Tyler, and the drawing Klaus gave her in Total Eclipse of the Heart.
  • She told Tyler she saw the good in Klaus in Gone Girl.
  • She couldn't(didn't want to) kill Stefan's last living doppelganger and later on that night she cuddled with Stefan in Rescue Me
  • The episode Rescue Me marked the 90th appearance of Caroline in The Vampire Diaries.
  • In What Lies Beneath Caroline showed jealousy towards Stefan and Elena who she thought secretly making out.
  • Caroline is the only person who witnessed Stefan's death at Julian's hands and is last seen by his (Stefan's) side, crying out helplessly for anyone to come to their aid.
    • She was also the first person to know about Stefan's death.
    • She was also the only person who cried by Stefan's dead body.
  • Lexi thinks Caroline is the reason why Stefan stayed in Mystic Falls after he got out of the safe.
  • Caroline is the only main character that hasn't been on The Other Side or been a Ghost.
    • Caroline is also the only main character that has died only once, when Katherine killed her and caused her to become a vampire.
  • In the novels, Caroline's middle name is Beula.
  • In the novels, Caroline has auburn red hair and cat-green eyes. On the show, Caroline has blonde hair and greenish blue eyes.
  • In the novels, Caroline takes a significant romantic interest in Stefan at the beginning of the book series and competes with Elena for his affections.
  • In the novels, Caroline and Elena are rivals. In the beginning of season one, Caroline exhibits jealousy towards Elena, but they are still best friends.




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